Outwrite Vs Grammarly In 2023: Which One Is The Best For You?

Outwrite vs Grammarly

If you’re aiming to enhance your writing and blogging abilities, having a mentor is crucial, even if that mentor happens to be an artificial intelligence.

Proofreading software plays a significant role in the writing process, especially if you aspire to create exceptional quality content.

The primary reason for using these tools is to uphold the credibility of your content, monitor its marketing performance, and influence readers to take desired actions.

Starting with the fundamentals is essential, encompassing aspects such as grammar, spell check, plagiarism detection, and the restructuring of phrases to enhance readability and clarity.

Grammarly stands out as the top-notch tool for enhancing writing skills, although there are other competing options available.

In this discussion, I will compare and contrast two rewriting programs that can significantly improve your writing: Outwrite Vs Grammarly.

An Overview Of Outwrite vs Grammarly

Key points Outwrite Vs GrammarlyOutwriteGrammarly
Main FeaturesIt does fixe mistakes in spelling and grammar, Style checker, Plagiarism checker, and Grade level detectionMakes the sentence easier to read. Spelling and grammar checks Tone detection
Pricing$25.95 per month, $44.85 every three months, or $95.52 per year$30 per month, $60 every three months, or $140 per year
Plagiarism CheckingYesYes
Rewriting ToolYesNo
Personal DictionaryNoYes
Platform AvailabilityChrome extension. Word plugin.Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari. Word plugin. Desktop application Mobile apps

Why Are Grammar & Rewriting Tools Important?

As a writer, the goal is to make content that is interesting and meaningful to your readers.

But writing can be hard sometimes, and it can be hard to make your thoughts easy to understand and get your point across.

This is why editing and grammar tools are so important.

Paraphrasing is an important skill for any writer who wants to improve their work. It lets you show proof and support your points in a way that is clear and concise.

By using tools for summarizing, you can speed up the writing process and make sure your text is of high quality and sounds more polished and grown-up.

This is important whether you’re writing an email or a study paper for school.

Also, using editing and grammar tools can make a big difference in how your content is used.

By organizing some parts of the writing process, you can focus on making good content instead of worrying too much about the details.

Below are some of the key points of using grammar and rewrite tools:

  • Minimize grammar & spelling mistakes
  • Find the right arrangement for your sentences
  • Keep your words and voice the same
  • Focus more on getting your thoughts across
  • Learn how to write better

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is one of the best online writing assistant tools. It does improve your written work beyond simple spelling, grammar, and punctuation fixes.

Grammarly-home page

It works with many different online communication channels, including email, social media, document sharing, business networking, and messaging.

As I have been using Grammarly for a long time to proofread my writing before sending it to my editors.

I write more than five million words annually, including both fiction and non-fiction, so I am extremely familiar with the functions of the program.

If you wish to know more about Grammarly, then you may read my comprehensive Grammarly review article.

Grammarly Key Features

  • Grammar and Spelling Checker: Grammarly checks spelling and grammar mistakes in real time and suggests changes.
  • Style and Tone: Grammarly looks at the writing’s style and tone and gives feedback on how formal, clear, and successful it is as a whole.
  • Plagiarism detection: Grammarly can check for copying by comparing the user’s text to billions of web pages to make sure it is original.
  • Writing ideas: Grammarly gives ideas on how to improve writing, such as vocabulary, sentence structure, and readability as a whole.
  • Grammarly Personal Dictionary: Grammarly lets users make their dictionaries of words and phrases that fit their writing style and preferences.
  • Multiple Platforms: Grammarly is presented as a web app, a desktop app, a browser extension, and a mobile app so that users can use it from anywhere.
  • Support for various languages: Grammarly works with many languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, and more.

What Is OutWrite?

Outwrite is a piece of writing and editing software driven by AI that was created to assist authors in producing better articles more quickly.

Outwrite home page

It contains a variety of writing tools, including a thesaurus, plagiarism checker, and stylistic and grammatical fault checker.

Using major word processors like Google Documents, Microsoft Word, and WordPress, among others, Outwrite is an online program and a browser plugin.

It is a piece of software that enables individuals and organizations to create and modify better content.

It is a web-based application with many features that increase the clarity and accuracy of the user’s written work.

If you have a website, you need to check the article on Grammarly for WordPress to improve your content.

Outwrite Key Features

  • Grammar and spelling checker: Outwrite checks grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing and offers ideas and corrections.
  • Thesaurus and synonym suggestions: Outwrite gives you a thesaurus and offers words that are similar to help you find the right word for your writing.
  • Sentence rephrase: If you want to make your writing clean and better, Outwrite can rewrite your sentences and suggest other ways as per your requirements.
  • Writing analysis: Outwrite can examine your writing and give you feedback on how easy it is to read, how many words it has, and other metrics that can help you improve your writing.
  • Plagiarism detection: Outwrite can check your work for unintentional plagiarism and give you tips on how to avoid it.
  • Text reader: Outwrite can read your text out loud, so you can listen to it and find mistakes or places where it doesn’t make sense.

Who Can Use Grammarly?

Even though Grammarly and Outwrite look like they would be similar writing tools, they are very different. Grammarly is a useful tool for bloggers, entrepreneurs, content writers, and more.

If you want to know more about Grammarly, read our article Grammarly review.

Outwrite focuses on style and how easy it is to read, while Grammarly focuses on checking grammar. Because of this, Grammarly is a useful tool for:

  1. Businesses and website publishers
  2. Universities And Teachers
  3. Busy professionals

1. Businesses and Website Publishers

Your whole team can write interesting, easy-to-understand content with Grammarly Business. So, if you run a website, you won’t have to buy a membership for each team member.

The Grammarly Business plan can hold up to 149 members. But if your team is bigger, you can work out a custom plan with Grammarly by contacting their sales department.

If you own a business, all of your workers will be able to use advanced features like automatic grammar checks and tone detection.

2. Universities and Teachers

If you’re a teacher and you want your students to do better in writing, you might want to use Grammarly for Education.

Grammarly for Education is for schools and universities. It reduces grammar errors, passive voice, and plagiarism among students.

Using Grammarly for Education saves you a lot of time as a teacher because you won’t have to look for plagiarism in your student’s writings.

3. Salespersons and Marketers

If you’re in sales or marketing, your writing keeps customers loyal. Therefore, your billing must be brief and compelling.

To resolve consumer issues, you’ll use emails. However, one error might make you seem unprofessional.

Install the browser extension, type your email, and Grammarly makes suggestions automatically. Thus, you can avoid pasting your content into Grammarly.

It gives you peace of mind to know that your work is error-free and lets you concentrate on closing.

Find out the best tools that do Spanish grammar checks and improve your content.

Who Can Use Outwrite?

Outwrite, which used to be called also GradeProof, is an advanced spell checker that makes suggestions to improve the flow and clarity of your writing by using algorithms and machine learning.

Outwrite was started by Nick Hough and Craig Sketchley in 2015. Its goal is to fix grammar mistakes and make writing more interesting.

Outwrite is used by more than a million people in 211 different countries. It helps students, writers, and entrepreneurs.

  1. Authors
  2. Freelance writers
  3. Webmasters and entrepreneurs

1. Authors

As an author, it takes a lot of self-control and determination to write a novel using the best novel writing software. It needs careful planning, an interesting plot, interesting characters, and a lot of time spent writing and editing.

It takes a lot of time and work, but with the right tools, you can find and fix a lot of mistakes.

Thanks to Outwrite, which gives the editor more time to work on bigger problems instead of nitpicking over small mistakes.

2. Freelance writers

Freelance writers have to worry that their mistakes will be seen by thousands or even millions of people.

Still, it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re writing, and you might not be able to catch all of them.

Outwrite, thankfully, has a solution that may cut your workload by a lot. Even if it isn’t perfect, it could help you improve your work before you release it.

3. Webmasters And Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to make sure that your content is unique. If search engines find duplicate content on your website or post, it can downgrade your search results.

Outwrite’s feature that checks for plagiarism can help you if you have hired content writers for your business.

Using the web app or a plugin for Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Chrome, you can easily scan your content with Outwrite’s tool. This saves time by getting rid of the need to copy and paste by hand.

Outwrite Vs Grammarly: Pros & Cons

Here in this section, I have done a detailed comparison of the pros & cons:

Outwrite Pros & Cons

Unlimited rewriting of sentencesMonthly plagiarism checks are limited to 50
Excellent text editor
Style improvements
The organic quality of the content
Offers structural suggestions

Grammarly Pros & Cons

Easy to useComplex grammar confuses it
Real-time grammar correcting
Customized features
Determine your writer’s intended readers and tone
Clarify, correct, engage, and style your writing
English language variation: Write in American, British, Canadian, and Australian English

Outwrite Vs Grammarly: Ease Of Use

A good writing assistant software should be easy to use and have advanced integration features that let people check their work as they write.

Grammarly.com, which lets you copy and paste text to check for mistakes and plagiarism, can be used to compare writing assistants.

Grammarly’s browser extension makes it easier for users to get suggestions while they type in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Gmail.

This feature is especially helpful for people who don’t have much time and can’t copy and paste text to check for mistakes.

Grammarly also has a desktop app for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Grammarly ease of use
Grammarly web version.

Outwrite has a user interface similar to Grammarly. If you want to copy and paste written content, you can go to Outwrite.com and need to sign in.

Outwrite marks misspelled words in red, grammar mistakes in green, and problems with style and structure in blue and purple.

Outwrite also has an add-on for Google Chrome that lets you edit on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook while sending an email.

Outwrite Vs Grammarly: Accuracy

Accuracy is the most important thing to look for in writing. I’ve used both Grammarly and Outwrite to proofread blog posts, and I can say that each is good in its own way.

Outwrite focuses more on style and readability, while Grammarly is one of the best tools for finding typos and grammar mistakes.

When I uploaded this piece about the best Masterclass programs to Grammarly, for example, it pointed out 14 typos but had no problems with style or readability.

Grammarly is a top-notch grammar checker, but it mostly looks for typos and misspellings. When I pasted it into Outwrite, it caught one spelling mistake but a whopping 42 formatting errors and 11 grammatical mistakes.

Both Grammarly and Outwrite are accurate in their ways, but Outwrite only caught one spelling mistake, while Grammarly caught 42 style mistakes and 11 structural problems.

Outwrite Vs Grammarly: Pricing Options

Outwrite Pricing Options

Outwrite has mainly three different pricing plans:

  1. The free plan (essential)
  2. Pro plan
  3. Teams plan

Outwrite has three pricing plans. Outwrite has a free plan in this package. This plan offers a spelling & grammar checker, Style improvements, Sentence rewriting, and more.

Outwrite Pro plan costs $9.95 per month. This plan offers Spelling & Grammar, Priority email support, Sentence rewriting, and more.

Teams plan costs $7.95 per month per user. This plan costs

Spelling & Grammar checker, structural suggestions, Managing team access, consolidated billing, and more.

Outwrite Pricing Option

Grammarly Pricing Options

Grammarly has mainly three different pricing options.

  1. Free plan
  2. Premium plan
  3. Business plan

Both Grammarly and Outwrite are cheap. I’ve used the paid version of Grammarly since I was starting out and barely making money, and it wasn’t expensive.

Grammarly’s free plan includes help with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and briefness.

The premium plan for Grammarly costs $12 per month. This plan includes things like grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as a variety of words and sentences and more.

Each month, Grammarly’s business plan costs $15. This plan has a dashboard for analytics, privacy, and security for enterprises, plagiarism detection, and more.

Grammarly pricing option

Conclusion: Outwrite Vs Grammarly

Both Grammarly and Outwrite can be useful for authors, students, and business owners.

These writing tools are among the most precise available. Grammarly focuses on correcting grammar and spelling, while Outwrite underlines style and readability.

In a nutshell, Grammarly is the best option if you want to track your progress toward your writing goals and do as many plagiarism checks as you like.

If you need an inexpensive paraphraser that rewrites sentences for you to enhance style and readability, Outwrite is the tool for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Outwrite or Grammarly better?

Outwrite and Grammarly are both helpful tools for editing. Grammarly is better at finding and fixing typos and grammatical mistakes, while Outwrite is better at improving style and readability.

Do professionals use Grammarly?

Yes, most professionals won’t have much trouble improving their writing with Grammarly. Grammarly will catch any instances of plagiarism or misspelled words. You can use it anywhere, and it will help you find and fix mistakes more quickly. Millions of writers use it, and there’s a good reason for that.

What is the use of Outwrite?

You can use Outwrite to expand your vocabulary, check your essays for plagiarism, raise or decrease the number of words in your writing, and even paraphrase sentences.

How do I get rid of Outwrite?

Simply, you need to send an email to help@outwrite.com. It asks us to delete your account within 5 business days. After this is done, your account, any documents, your custom dictionary, and any other data you may have stored will be deleted for good.

What does Outwrite do?

Remarkably, AI writing assistant goes beyond merely checking grammar and spelling—it assists in transforming your ideas into compelling sentences. With Outwrite, you can effortlessly paraphrase sentences, enhance your vocabulary, verify essays for plagiarism, and adjust your word count, whether you need to increase or decrease it.

Do proofreaders use Grammarly?

Yes, Many proofreaders rely on Grammarly to enhance their efficiency in the job. The software acts as a valuable aid, helping them identify errors that may have been missed. However, proofreaders understand the importance of their expertise and never solely depend on software. They use Grammarly as a tool to complement their skills and excel in their role.

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