Quillbot Review In 2023: How Does It Help To You?

Quillbot review

If you’re searching for a top-notch paraphrasing tool, you’ve come to the right place.

QuillBot is an excellent option for individuals seeking a trustworthy tool to assist them in rewriting text. It excels at its job and is affordably priced.

As a content writer, I have been using Quillbot for some time, I use it as an AI writing assistant tool.

Those who are willing to invest in the software will find it highly beneficial, despite the fact that the free version lacks certain advanced features found in other machine-learning writing tools.

Before you want to use Quillbot, you may read this article, because, in this QuillBot review article, I have done a comprehensive analysis of its overview, features, pricing, pros & cons, and how it helps you.

So, let’s get started!

Quillbot review

Bottom Line: QuillBot, a cutting-edge paraphrasing tool, utilizes advanced AI technology to assist in the rewriting and improvement of sentences, articles, and paragraphs. It serves as an affordable AI writing companion, enhancing the quality of your content by rephrasing it effectively. Along with grammar and plagiarism checking features, QuillBot also offers content summarization. It is highly recommended for academics, essayists, and writers as it significantly reduces writing time while enhancing the professionalism of the content through the use of relevant synonyms and improved vocabulary.

What Is QuillBot?

Many students, authors, and content creators rely on Quillbot as a valuable writing tool to enhance their original work, avoid plagiarism, and refine their writing to cater to their audience.

QuillBot Home Page

Quillbot functions as a helpful resource by providing users with suggestions for alternative words, phrases, and sentence structures.

Additionally, it offers four distinct paraphrasing modes: Standard, Fluency, Creative, and Shorter.

Originally designed as a paraphrasing tool, Quillbot has evolved over time to offer versatility in its applications.

One of its key features is the grammar checker, which meticulously scans your writing to detect any errors, typos, or misspellings that may have been overlooked.

Our primary focus remains on ensuring your writing sounds professional and error-free.

Using this tool will undoubtedly elevate the quality of your writing, making it more polished and proficient.

How Does Quillbot Work?

To use Quillbot, simply take your text and paste it into the tool.

Quillbot will then identify any errors present in your content, including fragmented sentences, grammatical errors, and nonsensical words, allowing you to make substantial revisions.

If you need to condense a longer text or essay, the Quillbot Summarizer tool comes in handy.

Just copy and paste your content into the tool, and it will generate a concise summary covering all the important points.

Additionally, you can employ Quillbot’s plagiarism checker to determine if any portion of your work has already been published elsewhere.

If any similarities are found, the tool will provide information about the original source and indicate the extent of the overlap in terms of word count.

This feature enables you to eliminate any copied content and craft your own unique material

QuillBot Review: Key Features

QuillBot is an exceptional tool for writers, students, and individuals looking to improve their writing skills.

It offers customization options, allowing users to adjust paraphrasing strength and other settings to suit their specific requirements and preferences.

Here I have listed out some of the best QuillBot features:

  1. The Summarizer
  2. The Paraphrasing Tool
  3. The Plagiarism Checker
  4. The Grammar Checker
  5. Citation Generator
  6. The Co-writer

1. The Summarizer

Quillbot’s AI summarizer can efficiently summarize large articles to their core.

This caught my attention because it may be used to quickly find important terms in a lot of material. Either select the keywords or create a paragraph-long synopsis.

QuillBot Text Summarizer

The text summarizer may not be necessary for the majority of authors because book summaries for book descriptions are different from this method.

There is still a restriction, which is aggravating, even if the premium edition of the summarizer allows up to 6,000 words, which is an increase from the free version’s cap of 1,200.

2. The Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool functions similarly to other software programs designed for the same purpose.

QuillBot Ai Paraphrasing tool

It rearranges the sentences in your text and makes some word substitutions, resulting in what appears to be “new” text. This method proves useful in evading detection by plagiarism checkers.

However, it is important to note that while these tools can assist in avoiding plagiarism, we do not endorse the idea.

Instead, they can be used to rephrase your own writing if you find the flow unsatisfactory or to repurpose existing content for online sharing.

During my experience with the software, I discovered that it performed adequately for short excerpts of text, provided the user was willing to perform some minor edits. Initially, a few sentences may not coherently convey the intended meaning.

While this approach may be suitable for fictional writing, it feels awkward when applied to nonfiction articles or formal academic papers.

Moreover, Quillbot’s paraphraser offers customization options to align with your writing style and conversational tone. The available formats include Standard, Formal, Simple, and Fluency.

3. The Plagiarism Checker

Quillbot offers a remarkable solution for individuals seeking to avoid plagiarism, benefiting both educators and bloggers alike.

QuillBot-AI Plagiarism-Checker

With its impressive capability to swiftly identify even the subtlest signs of plagiarism, it proves to be a valuable tool.

However, it’s worth noting that the premium membership comes with a restriction of only 20 pages per month that can be viewed.

This limitation may be excellent news for students who require periodic assistance with their papers. However, for professional writers, it falls short of meeting their needs.

4. The Grammar Checker

Writers have the advantage of utilizing a helpful tool known as the grammar checker.

This tool, powered by AI, assists in identifying the most frequently occurring instances of a particular grammar type, thereby aiding in the writing process.

QuillBot-AI Free-Grammar Checker

Personally, I compared it to ProWritingAid and discovered that both tools effectively addressed many of the same issues present in my writing.

However, I observed that ProWritingAid outperformed Quillbot in terms of error detection, while Quillbot struggled to distinguish between various types of grammar problems based on color.

Nevertheless, ProWritingAid excelled in providing detailed explanations of my grammar mistakes.

However, I appreciate the boldness of this new concept, as it currently surpasses the built-in tools of Microsoft Word.

5. Citation Generator

The citation generator can help you cite your sources when you are writing nonfiction or academic writing.

Quillbot Free Citation Generator

Quillbot makes it easy to enter the book or article you want to cite and choose the style you want to use.

The tool will then make the citation information for you automatically. Even though Quillbot is a useful tool, it’s important to remember that there are many free alternatives.

So, it’s hard to say how much it adds to the value of the product as a whole. Still, when used with other features, it can save a lot of time.

6. The Co-writer

The writing companion provided by QuillBot offers a comprehensive set of tools to assist you in your writing endeavors.

QuillBot-AI Co-Writer

Alongside the standard word processor window, you’ll find a summary function, a citation generator, and a range of other helpful features at your disposal.

Additionally, the co-authoring feature provides convenient cloud storage, ensuring that you can effortlessly save and locate your work whenever needed.

One particularly beneficial aspect is the research section, which contains concise summaries of papers pertaining to specific topics.

This resource proves invaluable for expanding your knowledge on a subject and discovering pertinent information to incorporate into your articles or essays.

QuillBot Pricing

Mainly QuillBot has different pricing options.

  1. Free plan
  2. Premium plan

1. Free plan

Those who access QuillBot through Google Chrome extensions can take advantage of the company’s forever-free subscription. The free QuillBot plan comes with a variety of additional features.

  • 125 words about paraphrasing
  • Standard mode and the flow mode
  • There are three choices for words that mean the same thing
  • The summary has 1200 words
  • One word or phrase that freezes

You won’t have access to advanced grammatical rewrites, checking for plagiarism, or any of the other premium features with the free plan of QuillBot.

QuillBot Premium Pricing Plans

2. Premium Plan

To use QuillBot Premium’s extra features, you have to pay for a membership. The Quillbot’s costs start from $9.95 per month.

Premium PlanPrice per month
Monthly Billing$9.95 USD (If you are billed monthly)
Semi-annual Billing$6.66 USD((If you are billed for six months))
Annual Billing:$4.17 USD(If you are billed yearly)

Some of the Premium features available to subscribers are sentence rewriting, in-depth grammar analysis, and plagiarism detection.

Also, the Premium plan gives you more ways to write, such as Creative Writing and Shortcuts, which make it easier and faster to make content.

  • In-built plagiarism detector
  • advanced rewrites of the grammar
  • There is no word limit on paraphraser
  • Four possible synonyms
  • Five modes are available: Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand, and Shorten
  • words and phrases that freeze are endless
  • 6,000 words were entered into the summarizer
  • more rapid processing

Quillbot Pros & Cons

Easy-to-use interfaceRestricted paraphrasing option
Do not need to sign up to use
The free version is available
Integrated summarization feature
Includes software for checking grammar
Affordable pricing plans

What Are the Key Uses of QuillBot?

There are many ways to use a Quillbot. Here are a few examples of the best times when the AI paraphrasing tool could come in handy:

  1. Digital Marketing & SEO
  2. Media & News Articles
  3. Academic Use

Digital Marketing & SEO

If you’re struggling to generate content for the internet or social media, Quillbot can be an invaluable tool.

Whether you’re working on a lengthy blog post or crafting a brief paragraph, it can assist you in finding the right words.

While it may lack some of the SEO capabilities found in Jasper or SurferSEO, it excels at paraphrasing compared to the majority of article rewriters or content spinners.

Media & News Articles

Quillbot offers a convenient solution to enhance your writing speed effortlessly.

This tool is particularly beneficial for crafting press releases and other materials intended for the media.

Whether you prefer to rephrase the original text using your own style or summarize it for brevity, Quillbot streamlines the process effectively.

Academic Use

Quillbot’s rapid paraphrasing feature enables users to effortlessly generate unique content by drawing upon a vast array of sources.

This particular capability proves particularly advantageous for college and university students, as Quillbot serves as an invaluable tool for various forms of academic writing, including essays, dissertations, and research reports.

When it comes to enhancing the quality of academic writing, options such as Grammarly and Wordrake writing assistant tools can also be considered.

Both are widely used tools for universities. If you want to know more about them, read our comprehensive Grammarly vs Wordrake article.

Who Needs Quillbot and Why?

Quillbot serves as a valuable tool, particularly for writers seeking to harness the power of artificial intelligence. Its benefits extend to anyone aspiring to enhance their writing skills.

Here are several examples of individuals who could greatly benefit from Quillbot:

  • Content writers: Quillbot proves indispensable for content creators, including bloggers, journalists, and copywriters, as it aids in generating original ideas for their projects. By utilizing this tool, they can foster creativity while ensuring they steer clear of plagiarism.
  • Students: Quillbot emerges as a reliable companion for students across various academic disciplines, providing invaluable assistance with essays, research papers, and reports. By availing themselves of Quillbot’s resources, students can enhance their writing abilities, ensuring their work is lucid, well-organized, and easily comprehensible.
  • Business professionals: Quillbot serves as an invaluable asset for business professionals aiming to refine their written communication. Whether it’s polishing business correspondence, reports, or presentations, Quillbot empowers professionals to deliver their messages with precision and impact.
  • Learners: Quillbot proves to be an essential tool for students studying English and other languages, enabling them to improve their writing proficiency. Through Quillbot, learners can expand their vocabulary and gain insights into constructing coherent and compelling sentences.

Is Quillbot Worth It?

Yes, it does. Quillbot, a popular writing assistant tool, has garnered attention for its unique features and user-friendly interface.

With its ability to paraphrase, summarize, and improve grammar, Quillbot aims to enhance writing efficiency and quality.

While some users find it valuable for generating alternative phrasings and eliminating redundancy, others question its accuracy and claim it can produce awkward sentences.

Despite occasional limitations, Quillbot’s vast synonym database and contextual understanding make it a handy tool for brainstorming and expanding ideas.

However, it is essential to review the output critically and fine-tune it manually.

Ultimately, the usefulness of Quillbot depends on individual preferences and requirements, making it worth trying for those seeking a versatile writing companion.

QuillBot Alternatives

QuillBot, a popular writing and paraphrasing tool, is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and allows users to rewrite sentences and paragraphs in their own terms.

Nonetheless, in addition to QuillBot, you have a few other options to choose from, such as the following:

AI Writer

AI-Writer Home Page

AI Writer is a writing tool that is powered by artificial intelligence and can help you produce articles from scratch.

It also features a feature that can help you rewrite your material by paraphrasing what you’ve already written.


Grammarly is a popular writing aid application that can check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style issues.

Grammarly-home page

It can also check for any typos in your writing. You can also rewrite your material with the assistance of the paraphrasing tool that is included in Grammarly.

If you want to know more in-depth about Grammarly, read our article Grammarly Review.

Conclusion: QuillBot Review

In sum, If you are looking for a tool that can rephrase text, QuillBot is a good choice because it is not only fast and easy to use, but also cheap and keeps a high level of quality.

Compared to some of the other machine learning software on the market, it is not as sophisticated.

However, it does provide a high-quality experience for users who are aware of both its pros and cons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuillBot safe privacy?

Yes, it does. QuillBot prioritizes the security and privacy of our members and diligently adheres to all relevant privacy and data protection laws.

Do professionals use QuillBot?

Yes, Students, working writers, and businesspeople who are interested in improving their writing capabilities have put their faith in QuillBot.

Is Grammarly better than QuillBot?

Quillbot is the best choice if you need a tool to paraphrase more than anything else. Grammarly, on the other hand, is the best choice if you want a more advanced AI to check your grammar.

What are the limitations of QuillBot?

The free edition of Quillbot restricts the number of accessible paraphrasing styles to a maximum of 125, and it only allows you to rephrase up to 125 words. You are permitted to summarize an amount of study up to 1200 words. With the premium edition of Quillbot, you may effortlessly rephrase passages of the text of any length. The summarizer tool has a maximum capacity of 6000 words.

How can I use QuillBot on MS Word?

Follow the steps below to use QuillBot on MS Word after logging in:
Step 1: On Microsoft Word, click the Insert tab and choose Add-ins
Step 2: Choose the office supply option in step two
Step 3: Find QuillBot and choose the “add button” option
Step 4: Go back to the insert tab and select the My Add-Ins menu option
Step 5: Open QuillBot after choosing it from my add-ins menu
Step 6: Use your credentials to log in

Is QuillBot Store History?

Yes, it does. QuillBot retains your history by storing both the original document and its paraphrased version, along with any information contained within, when you upload the document to the service.

What is the free QuillBot word limit?

Within the free QuillBot editor tab, you have the capacity to upload up to 125 words.

Is using QuillBot on your own writing cheating?

QuillBot is specifically created to assist users in writing by enhancing their original ideas and text. However, it’s important to note that if a user attempts to present someone else’s writing as their own, it is considered cheating, regardless of whether QuillBot was utilized or not.

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