About Us

UpWritez is a team of seasoned writing experts with extensive experience in crafting and using cutting-edge software to help writers improve exponentially. Our team is focused on enhancing writers’ productivity by offering innovative and user-friendly tools for all career stages. UpWritez constantly updates and provides the diverse needs of writers, from grammar checkers to brainstorming. We ensure that writers have the best resources at their fingertips, being a reliable companion for writers. Our service spans a diverse spectrum, ranging from advanced grammar and spelling checkers to stimulating writing prompts.


Providing writers of all levels with cutting-edge tools that enhance their productivity and efficiency.


To help every writer, irrespective of their background or experience, harness the power of tools and softwares to express themselves with clarity and creativity.

CEO, Founder

Hi, I’m Rahul Vishwakarma, the head of the founding team of UpWritez. I began my career in 2018 with a passion that lies in assisting writers to elevate their skills. At UpWritez, my focus is dedicated to developing accessible and effective writing tools. These tools are made for both newbies and seasoned writers who carry out grammar checks and idea generation, simplifying the writing process for all. I am committed to guiding and constantly pushing my team to integrate the latest industry technologies. My goal is to make writing an easier and more enriching experience for writers worldwide. Major publications such as Forbes, TechCrunch, Business Insider, and others have acknowledged and featured my work.

Rahul Vishwakarma
Zach Merric

Head of Content

Zach Merric is an experienced and versatile SaaS writer and Copywriter with expertise in crafting effective content, using correct grammar, and optimizing for SEO. He has worked with clients across various industries and is known for his adaptability and reliability. Outside of work, he enjoys outdoor activities and is passionate about music and film.


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