Why Isn’t Grammarly Working In Google Docs In 2023?

Why Isn’t Grammarly Working In Google Docs

Are you having trouble getting Grammarly to work on Google Docs, and looking for the proper answer Why isn’t Grammarly working in Google Docs?

Grammarly’s browser extension offers users the convenience of receiving real-time grammar suggestions while typing on Gmail, social media platforms, or Google Docs.

However, numerous individuals have reported experiencing malfunctions specifically when using Grammarly in Google Docs.

Fortunately, there are several workarounds available to address these minor issues.

I have compiled a list of all the potential reasons why Grammarly might not be functioning properly in Google Docs, along with the corresponding solutions.

Why Isn’t Grammarly Working In Google Docs

However, an application’s functionality should not be dependent on workarounds. Grammarly’s developers are presently working to resolve these difficulties, and we should have a permanent solution soon.

Before going further, you may read our comprehensive Grammarly review article, if you wish you know more about Grammarly and how it works.

Why Isn’t Grammarly Working In Google Docs?

Here I have put together a comprehensive list of the problems users have faced when trying to use Grammarly with Google Docs, along with the official solutions to fix these issues.

I hope this will solve your issue:

1. If You Don’t See The Grammarly Icon While Using Google Docs

Re-enable Grammarly if necessary. When using this workaround, make sure you’re on the Google Docs page. To do so, go to your browser’s Extensions settings.

To open options, click the Grammarly icon from the Extensions list. Turn off the Check for Writing recommendations on the Google Docs option, then turn it back on.

The Grammarly icon should display in the document’s lower right corner.

If the problem persists, clear your browser cache. Click the three dots in the top-right corner of Chrome and go to More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.

The option to erase cached data and photos can be found here. If you’re using a different browser, search in the settings for a clear browsing data option.

2. If You’re Using Google Docs And Don’t See Grammarly Underlines (Error Indicators)

This is a well-recognized problem, and administrators are attempting to resolve it as quickly as possible.

When the Google Docs page has footnotes or tables, Grammarly is unable to function properly. To remedy this, delete the footnotes and tables from your document and run Grammarly through it again.

After you’ve finished using Grammarly, you may add them back in.

3. If You’re Having Trouble Editing Your Google Docs Document Using Grammarly, Try The Following

This is a well-known problem. You may experience lags or performance issues when editing a Google Docs document with 30 pages or more.

There are currently no workarounds for this problem. Officials are striving to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

4. If You Receive An “Update Required” Notification, Follow These Steps

Remove the Grammarly plugin from your browser’s Extension Settings and uninstall it. Now go to your browser’s app store and download the most recent version of Grammarly.

5. Grammarly Has Compatibility Issues With Other Plugins

If you’re confident that Grammarly is enabled, you might still encounter issues. Let’s say you’re using Google Chrome, where you may have various plugins, widgets, and extensions that don’t cooperate effectively.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this problem too. By resetting your Google Chrome browser, Grammarly should start functioning properly once more.

Once you’ve closed the window, give it another go by reopening it. Next, begin anew with a fresh document. Test out Grammarly to see if it operates smoothly for you.

6. Grammarly And Gmail Settings

If you switch back and forth between Google Docs and Gmail a lot, you may not understand why it doesn’t work in Gmail.

Grammarly doesn’t work correctly on a number of websites. Make sure your Gmail settings are all set up right by checking them.

For example, if you set up Gmail to use the right-to-left script, the grammar checker won’t work right.

For the software to work right, you must change the settings so that it reads from left to right. Changing your settings could make Grammarly work again.

7. Grammarly Premium May Be Experiencing Issues

If you’ve upgraded to Grammarly Premium, chances are you’re enjoying the benefits of its latest features. However, it’s important to note that not every feature is compatible with Google Docs.

While there is a beta version available for Edge, Chromium, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, the development work is still ongoing.

Consequently, there may be instances where you won’t be able to utilize all the features seamlessly.

For Grammarly Premium users, accessing all the features can be done through the Grammarly Sidebar.

If Chrome is your default browser, you can conveniently access Grammarly Premium’s complete range of features via the Grammarly Sidebar within Google Docs.

Adapting to this setup might require a bit of time, but it’s undoubtedly the optimal approach to make the most of Grammarly Premium’s extensive feature set.

Why Does Grammarly Not Work On Google Slides?

The mobile version of Grammarly exclusively supports Google Docs and Gmail, while other GSuite apps like Google Slides, Hangouts, Drive, Sheets, and Meet are not compatible.

To ensure error-free content across various Google Drive services, you can conveniently paste your text into the web editor or desktop version of Google Drive.

Once Grammarly has made the required corrections, simply copy and paste the revised text back into the software. This process enables you to refine your work and address any potential typos effectively.

How Do I Get Grammarly To Work On Google Docs Mac?

  • Open Safari Extensions: Click “Safari” on the menu bar to open Safari. Click on “Safari Extensions” after that. The Safari Extensions page will open right away when you go to the App Store.
  • Download the Installation: Find Grammarly in the App Store and then get the extension. You might also be asked to sign in with your Apple ID on your computer. Click “Install” after that.
  • Follow the On-Screen Prompts: When the installation is done, click “Open.” Then, quickly do what it says on the screen.
    Go Back to Safari: Back in Safari, click on “Preferences.” Then, click “Extensions” and make sure the box next to Grammarly for Safari is checked. After you add the extension to your Safari browser, it will always be up to date.

How To Add Grammarly On Chrome To Google Docs?

If you want to use Grammarly with Google Docs, you need to add a Chrome extension.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Find the Grammarly Webpage: Use the Google search bar on Google Chrome to look for the “Grammarly Chrome extension.” The web extension in the Chrome Web Store should be the first choice. You can also click here to go straight to the page for Grammarly for Chrome. When you get to the page, click the link that says “download.”
  • Open It and Click on the Blue Button: Choose the blue button that says “Add to Chrome” on the Chrome Store
  • Download the Extension: When a pop-up comes up, confirm that you want to download the Grammarly add-on. Wait until it’s done and the Grammarly icon appears in green on your address toolbar. Google Chrome has the icon in the upper right corner.
  • Since this is the beta version of Grammarly, the word “beta” may also show up on the icon. You can now go into Google Docs.
  • Open Google Docs: Sign in to your Google Docs account and open a document that you already have. You can also make a new one and type your work.
  • On the right side of Chrome, there is a pop-up menu that lets you turn on Grammarly. Click the green button that says “Turn it on.”
  • Enable the Extension: Once you click the green button, you can now use Grammarly on Google Docs.

Additional Information

  • The Plagiarism Checker tool of Grammarly is not available in Google Docs. You can use the Grammarly Editor app as a workaround.
  • Except for Google Docs, Grammarly will not work with Google Drive services. When it comes to Google Docs, Grammarly is still in beta.

As a result, you won’t be able to use it right now for Google Slides, Sheets, or any other Google Drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Grammarly To Work On Google Docs?

Whether you’re accessing an existing Google document or creating a fresh one, Grammarly’s suggestions are readily available to you. Simply locate the Grammarly button positioned in the lower right corner of your browser. By clicking on it, you can explore and select the ideas that suit your needs.

Why is Grammarly not changing words?

To access the General tab in Microsoft Word or Outlook, navigate to the “File” menu and select “Options.” In the “User Interface Options” section, opt for “Optimize for compatibility.” After making this selection, close and reopen Microsoft Word or Outlook to determine if it resolves any issues you may be experiencing.

Does Grammarly work on Google Chrome?

If you use Google Chrome, Grammarly will offer suggestions as you type in Gmail, Google Documents, Twitter, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you compose text online.

Why isn t my Grammarly popping up?

To access Grammarly, select it from the menu at the top of the current window. Select Open Grammarly from the Grammarly menu. If the Grammarly menu item is no longer present, the plug-in may have been disabled.

How do you trigger Grammarly?

Add Grammarly to your toolbar by clicking the puzzle icon in the top right of your browser, followed by the pin icon.

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