Why is Grammarly not working in Gmail?

Why Isn't Grammarly Working In Gmail

Do you know Grammarly is a great tool, It become one of the most popular online grammar tools in recent years that offers its services for free to people who want to improve the quality of their writing.

Finding spelling and grammar mistakes and fixing them could be easy and effortless now with Grammarly’s user-friendly interface.

Grammarly app helps you make your business and professional emails much easier to read.

The possibility of sending out perfectly written emails with great spelling and punctuation is hard to avoid.

If you don’t see the G icon in text fields in Gmail, make sure your Grammarly extension is installed and active to fix the problem.

Grammarly For Gmail Not Working?

There is a large variety of potential causes for Grammarly Gmail not working properly within Gmail. You can find a few of these causes listed below.

  • The Grammarly add-on keeps shutting down on its own
  • Cookies and browser cache files can also slow down how Grammarly works
  • Check if your browser needs an update
  • If your Chrome is affected by any malware, in that case, Grammarly can also stop working properly.
  • There can be some extensions in Chrome that do not work.
  • Sometimes VPN can also cause issues with Grammarly.
  • VPNs can also sometimes mess up Grammarly.
  • Another likely reason is that the experimental settings were changed

If you’re using any additional extensions, try disabling them:

  1. Paste the following into the address line: Extensions for Chrome
  2. All other extensions, except Grammarly, should be turned off

How do I get Grammarly to work on Gmail?

To get Grammarly to work, clear your browser’s cache and cookies which will improve your browsing experience, and also make sure that your internet is working fine.

If the Grammarly extension still does not work properly then follow the simple solutions that I have mentioned below.

Reinstalling the Grammarly Extension

As previously mentioned, this is one of the best and most efficient ways to make Grammarly Extension start working with Gmail so far. and Here is how to do so:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Now click the 3 vertical dots available in the top right corner of the chrome window.
  • Select the “More Tools” option from the menu and then choose “Extensions” from the drop-down list.
  • A list of the extensions you’ve added to Chrome will appear. The Grammarly name and logo can be found there.
  • Once you’ve located Grammarly, select “Remove” to remove it from your browser.
  • Go to the Google Chrome Web Store after deleting Grammarly.
  • Use this shortcut link to the Grammarly Chrome plugin to search there or go directly to the plugin.
  • Add the Grammarly browser plugin. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Once you have removed and re-added Grammarly to Google Chrome, you simply have to make sure that the Grammarly extension is turned on.

Just as you did to remove the extension, visit the Extensions drop-down menu and find Grammarly. Toggle the button to the right, which will activate Grammarly.

Let’s return to Gmail and see if your Grammarly extension is active this time.

Normally in a maximum number of cases, just a simple re-installing of Grammarly starts working.

It may look difficult, but the complete process will not take more than a few minutes. Also, if you are looking to install Grammarly for Outlook, you can follow the same steps.

Disable or Update Other Extensions That are Interfering with Grammarly

Grammarly Extension can also stop performing Grammar checking in Gmail because of other extensions installed in your browser.

Sometimes Grammarly stops functioning properly because of the outdated popup-blocking extensions. And Grammarly can be detected as a popup to those extensions. These things can happen because of security reasons for those extensions.

Try deleting or momentarily deactivating any extensions that are interfering with Grammarly when you use Gmail to resolve this issue. This ought to assist you in resolving the core issue.

How to Disable Malfunctioning Extensions

To Disable Malfunctioning Extensions, you have to think like Grammarly and check if they are reliable or not.

Grammarly extension sometimes performs better than its competitors like ProWritingAid, if you face any issues, you can fix them at the same time by following the simple steps to manage extensions.

If Grammarly still does not work after trying multiple times to uninstall and reinstall it, then you can follow these solutions to fix it if any other extensions are causing problems.

  • Go to the settings menu in your Google Chrome and Click on “More Tools
  • Next, choose “Extensions“, and all of your installed extensions will be shown here in this section including Grammarly as well.
  • By toggling the switch, you can either update the other extensions or momentarily turn them off based on your preferences.
  • Reopen Gmail now to see if your Grammarly extension is working properly.

Hopefully upgrading or removing your other extensions will fix the problems you were having with Grammarly and Gmail.

Clear Cookies and Cache Files

You will also have to delete the cookies and cache files to make the Grammarly extension work in Gmail without any issues, To fix it, just follow these simple steps.

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Insert chrome://settings/siteData into the address bar.
  • Find the Search cookies field on the right side of the screen.
  • Type “Grammarly” into the box.
  • Then select “Remove all shown.”

After completing the above steps Grammarly will delete all the cache and cookies. Now open your Gmail and check if Grammarly has started working or not.

You can also delete Chrome’s cached files to improve their performance. Follow these steps:

  • Click the great icon available in the top right corner of Chrome’s settings.
  • Then click “More Tools.”
  • Now select “Clear Browsing Data.”
  • Select the desired time frame now, then check the options that are available.
  • Lastly, select “Clear data.”

Update Google Chrome

You can also update your Google Chrome browser to solve other security issues from other browser extensions. If these extensions are outdated then the performance of Grammarly in Gmail may not work properly.

Also, remember that Chrome normally updates automatically without any command from users. But you can follow these simple steps to check if the Chrome browser is updated.

  • Go to Chrome Settings.
  • Select “Help.”
  • After that, choose “About Google Chrome.”

After making these changes Chrome will automatically check for updates. You have to click on “Update” if the browser asks for it. If it is already up to date, Chrome will display the same notice.

Remove VPNs

VPNs also can be one of the reasons for Grammarly not working properly with Gmail. Because sometimes few VPNs and Grammarly cannot work both at the same time.

So if you have installed multiple VPNs on your device, I suggest you use one at a time.

After doing this if Grammarly is still not working properly in Gmail, Just turn off or deactivate the VPNs once.

Adjust Gmail Language Settings

Therefore, you must adjust your Gmail language to English in order for Grammarly to operate without a hitch within your Gmail interface.

The quick methods for switching your Gmail language to English are listed below:

If you are using your Gmail in some other language that reads from right to left then Grammarly can not perform well, As Grammarly supports only English language at this time

  • Open Gmail.
  • Then select “Settings.”
  • After that, choose “See all settings.”
  • Select “English (US or UK)” from the drop-down option in the Language section.
  • Lastly, select “Save Changes.”

Use a Different Browser

You can also install and try a new browser like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, or any other web browser to use Grammarly Extension for writing support.

Here are the detailed steps: First, download Firefox and make it the default browser. Go to the Firefox add-ons page when it has been successfully installed.

The Grammarly extension can then be added very easily which can enhance your Gmail writing experience.

Grammarly issues Today: Is Grammarly down?

Grammarly has a dedicated “status page” on its official website, where you can check for Grammarly downtime and other server issues to stay informed about the status.

If you find any issue over there, you can get notified about the status by clicking on the “Subscribe to updates” button.

If you have any other query or complaint regarding the issue you can use their “contact form,” so that they can resolve the issue. And for your convenience, your queries will be resolved in English language only.

How do I enable Grammarly in Gmail?

To enable Grammarly in Gmail simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Install the Chrome extension

Step 2. Visit the Chrome Store

Step 3. Search Grammarly

Step 4. Select Grammarly, download it, and click Add to Chrome

Step 5. You’ll be transported to a welcome page, where you may create a new email in Gmail without leaving the site

Step 6. A new Compose window will appear

Step 7. You may compose your message, and the Grammarly logo will appear on the bottom right-hand side of the message window

Step 8. The logo will read the number of repairs Grammarly proposes if you make any mistakes in your content

Step 9. To preview the adjustment, hover over the underlined text in your body’s message

If you have successfully activated the extension it will start working, Also sometimes the extension may be turned off so do not forget to check that.

Click on the 3 dots on the right side of your profile, To fix the issue.

Simply go to “additional tools” and then “extensions” from the drop-down menu to visit the extension’s page, and click to switch “on”

How Do You Activate Grammarly On Gmail With Your Android Or IOS?

Follow the steps below to activate Grammarly on Gmail with your Android or IOS:

Step 1. Sign in to the Grammarly app, and then you can get to your accounts

Step 2. Tap the Add Grammarly Keypad option to turn on Grammarly

Step 3. In the Gmail app, click the button that looks like a keyboard

Step 4. Choose this from the drop-down menu to turn on Grammarly in Gmail

Step 5. Start putting together your email letter

Step 6. Find all of the mistakes that are underlined in red

Step 7. Click the Grammarly icon to find and fix your mistakes

Why Grammarly is Free?

The best part about Grammarly’s free version is that it can detect your most common spelling and grammatical errors for free.

But if you want a greater writing experience you have to subscribe to Grammarly’s premium version, which starts from $30 per month or $140 per year.

When it comes to features, the free version of Grammarly surpasses Words by a significant margin.

Grammarly free version features are also superior, it not only checks the spelling but also punctuation and grammar.

You will get a huge amount of valuable data with the free version of Grammarly to improve your writing skills.

Why Grammarly Premium, And How Is It Different From The Free Version?

Did you know that Grammarly Premium comes with many benefits for the best writing experience and it goes beyond the basic grammar and spelling checks available in the free version?

Grammarly Premium will boost your writing experience to the next level with its advanced features like vocabulary enhancement suggestions, genre-specific writing style analysis, and advanced punctuation checks.

Also, the plagiarism checker feature takes care of your work to be original and makes it plagiarism-free.

You would be able to use some of the modern capabilities of Grammarly with the free version which makes Grammarly Premium different from the free version.

Here is the Grammarly free vs premium review article, which may help you to find out which plan is best for you.

Grammarly Premium helps you to be sure that all your writing content is consistent, accurate, and easy to read on the internet.

Final Thoughts

Grammarly is always worthwhile. A free version is a handy tool that is superior to any other grammar checker since it checks your work as you type.

Nobody gives out that kind of service and technology for free.

It would catch significantly more errors in spelling and grammar than a standard free checker.

In the long run, Grammarly is here to deliver better service with bigger heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grammarly work with Gmail?

Grammarly’s seamless integration with Gmail makes it simple to correct any spelling and grammar errors that are present in your email messages.
It goes one step further by offering insightful suggestions to improve your writing style. Grammarly offers its helpful assistance to a variety of additional platforms in addition to Gmail, including AOL, Yahoo, Google Docs, and many other programs.

How do I auto-correct grammar in Gmail?

As you type, Gmail will check your emails for proper grammar and spelling.
Here are simple steps, you need to follow:
Step 1. Open Google Gmail on your computer.
Step 2. Click Settings. Settings.
Step 3. Click General at the top.
Step 4. Turn on or off the following tools:

Why is Grammarly not working sometimes?

Chrome apps that don’t work can be caused by many reasons, but the most common is a corrupt installation file. The problem should go away if you restart. But there may be more reasons, like a bad link, a subscription that has ended, or a web browser that isn’t compatible.

How do I turn off Grammarly in Gmail?

Simply right-click on the Grammarly icon in your Gmail toolbar to make it disabled. From there, select “Manage Extensions,” and a list of extensions will appear. Locate Grammarly and uncheck the option to make it deactivated. Remember to save your modifications. Simply repeat these instructions and tick the box to activate Grammarly once again if you wish to use it.

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