Grammarly For LibreOffice: A Step-By-Step Guide

Grammarly for Libreoffice

LibreOffice is a popular and default word processor used by Linux users.

Because of its fantastic capabilities like open-source, compatibility with different operating systems, and support of MS Office file types.

But, just like other office suites, it doesn’t support a built-in grammar checker.

Grammarly is very useful at this point, it is a grammar-checking tool that beats many online competitors today.

In this Grammarly for LibreOffice article, I will show you the ways to acquire & use Grammarly with LibreOffice.

So, let’s get started!

How to Install Grammarly on LibreOffice?

LibreOffice is a well-known office suite as lots of people use it for their word processing, spreadsheet, spreadsheet, and presentation needs.

It offers different types of tools to generate and change documents to make our lives easy and can save time while changing any documents.

Many people want to improve their writing skills more than what LibreOffice can offer. Because Grammarly is the best choice at the present time.

Grammarly offers a highly popular online tool designed for Grammar and spell-checking needs.

With just integrating Grammarly with LibreOffice, you can easily manage to get access to a detailed writing assistance solution that can help you refine your work and ensure its accuracy.

So, let us get started with the process of installing Grammarly on LibreOffice:

Step 1: Create a Grammarly Account

First, create a Grammarly account before installing Grammarly on LibreOffice at

After registering, you will get all the Grammarly’s valuable writing assistant tools.

Step 2: Download and Install the Grammarly Extension

Grammarly’s browser extension can be used easily with different applications like LibreOffice.

You simply just you have to open your favorite web browser and visit the Grammarly download page From there you can start the installation process.

After that find and click on the suitable option that says “add to Chrome” or “add to Firefox” which again the option depends on your installed browser.

Step 3: Launch LibreOffice and Open the Extension Manager

After you’ve installed the Grammarly extension in your browser, launch LibreOffice on your computer. From the menu, locate the “Tools” option and select “Extension Manager.”

Here you can see the Extension Manager window gets opened.

Step 4: Add the Grammarly Extension

Here in this extension manager window, you will see an “Add” button. Click on it, and a file browser window will appear.

Find the Grammarly extension downloaded file, select it, and click “Open” to proceed.

Step 5: Install the Grammarly Extension

Select the Grammarly extension file, then you will see a brief description of the extension from the extension manager.

Now click the “OK” button to install. LibreOffice will now install the Grammarly extension.

Step 6: Enable Grammarly in LibreOffice

After you finish installing, simply return to LibreOffice, go to the “Tools” menu, and choose “Options”

By doing this a new Options window will open.

Step 7: Configure Grammarly Settings

Now look for the “Language Settings” tab in the Options window and click on it, select “Writing Aids.”

Find Grammarly listed under the “Available language modules” section, Tick the checkbox next to it to enable Grammarly.

To save the changes, click “OK.”

Step 8: Utilize Grammarly in LibreOffice

After successful installation and enabling the Grammarly extension, you can start using it in LibreOffice to check the grammar and spelling mistakes, and tips for improving your writing.

The powerful feature of Grammarly will help you to improve your clarity and the style of your wonderful writing.

LibreOffice Home Page

How To Use Grammarly for LibreOffice To Fix Your Grammar?

Here are a few options for using Grammarly On LibreOffice To Fix Your Grammar:

  1. You can install an extension to use it online, or
  2. Upload your documents to the Grammarly dashboard for correction.

Note: If you choose to upload your work document, you have to adjust the settings for the style, tone, and audience every time, because its default setting is “General”

The Grammarly free version offers basic features like spell-checking, but you can still choose your style, tone, and audience for your work.

You will receive a score to check if your writing is perfect.

But, making corrections based on the selected options is only possible with the Premium or Business version, which requires a purchase.

You can download the Grammarly mobile app to use its amazing keyboard, it’s available for Android as well as iOS devices.

The Grammarly mobile app is surprisingly free for everyone, it was made to help professionals, writers, and students fix their grammar and spelling mistakes.

How To Check Reports On LibreOffice?

Based on your requirements and needs you can customize Grammarly to perform multiple reports.

These reports can be different and based on the type of changes, analysis, or requirements.

One noticeable feature among the available reports is the plagiarism report, which we’ll go over in more detail later. One of the most unique features is a detailed Plagiarism report.

If you are looking at Grammarly for LibreOffice for free, I want to tell them that Grammarly’s free edition provides another important report.

You can check this report available as a popup menu on the right side of your screen when using the Grammarly dashboard.

Also, It displays your score, engagement level, clarity, delivery, and suggested modifications or enhancements, which feels more exciting for the users.

How To Use Grammarly On LibreOffice To Detect Plagiarism?

Grammarly is not just a fantastic Grammar tool to highlight your writing mistakes, but it checks for Plagiarism as well.

The plagiarism checker compares over 16 billion databases to find places where you may have copied someone else’s work, which can be by mistake or on purpose.

If the report has plagiarism in your writing, Grammarly will highlight them and also suggest things like sources, rewriting, text quotes, etc.

These features you will not find in the free version of the Grammarly account but in the business and premium plans.

As a content marketing agency, it’s not a rule or ethic to copy other people’s work whether by accident or on purpose.

As an expert from our study of the masterclass can tell you, the details are very important.

To avoid such things You can send in your finished work to be checked again for mistakes. Because Grammarly has this proofreading tool that not only just checks for your spelling and language.

This can be the most useful tool for you, but you will charge an extra charge for editing depending upon the number of words and time.

Conclusion: Grammarly For LibreOffice

Grammarly for LibreOffice is helpful for both beginner and professional writers in their writing experience.

Combined Grammarly and LibreOffice is a powerful tool for grammar and spelling checks directly to its users.

This fantastic combination and Grammarly algorithm is helpful for writers like us and makes them confident, and accurate in fixing everything from typing mistakes to any grammar mistakes.

Users can really concentrate on their ideas instead of being concerned about the details. Thankfully this creative integration focuses more on making this happen for the users.

With Grammarly for LibreOffice online, it only takes a click to make your writing perfect and changes the way we write and communicate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grammarly work with LibreOffice?

Grammarly is the best checker tool you can have if you type a lot in any program. It works with many word suites, such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice.

Does LibreOffice have a grammar checker?

Yes! From the menu that comes up, choose Language Settings Writing Tools. Make sure that the top box, which says Lightproof grammar checker (English), is checked and that the bottom box, which says Options, is set to Check Grammar as You Type.

Is there a better Grammarly alternative for LibreOffice?

When looking for alternatives to LibreOffice, it’s important to think about things like how they work and if they can open the same files. Our team has put together a list of options that reviewers have said are the best alternatives and competitors to LibreOffice. This covers OpenOffice, Google Workspace, ONLYOFFICE, & Microsoft 365.

Is LibreOffice safe or not?

LibreOffice is safe software, and it is just as safe as any other piece of software. The open-source way of making software makes sure that any bad code can be found quickly.

How do I add spell check in LibreOffice?

Step 1: Go to tools – Select Automatic Spell Checking.
Step 2: Select an alternative word from the list when you right-click a word that has a red wavy underline. or from the \<emph>AutoCorrect \</emph>submenu.

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