Grammarly For LibreOffice: A Step-By-Step Guide for 2024✍️

Grammarly For LibreOffice

We all love LibreOffice. This free, open-source office suite has limitless documentation, editing, and presentation possibilities.

Yet grammatical errors and plagiarism are holding you back? 

It’s time to improve LibreOffice writing with Grammarly by seamlessly integrating the two power tools.

Here’s how you can improve your writing with LibreOffice.

What is LibreOffice? 

LibreOffice is the brainchild of The Document Foundation, and it’s a powerful tool that will help you with all possible tasks of word processing, documentation, spreadsheet creation, presentations, diagrams, drawings, database management, and mathematical formula editing.


You name it, LibreOffice does it all.

The best part of it, you ask?

It is free and open-source.

It is available for multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and various Linux distributions.

Are you questioning Grammarly LibreOffice compatibility?


They go together perfectly, and here are the advantages.

Features Of Grammarly For LibreOffice

While Grammarly can be used as a standalone application or a browser extension for other suites and software, here’s the benefit of integrating Grammarly with LibreOffice. 

  1. Grammarly can enhance the overall quality of your writing by providing real-time suggestions for Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and offering vocabulary enhancements and style improvements.
  2. It improves your writing consistency. With Grammarly, you can Enhance text clarity and style in LibreOffice to maintain the same writing goal throughout the text. 
  3. Grammarly is not just a Spelling Checker. It includes a Plagiarism checker, which can be particularly useful for academic or professional writing as you can ensure Plagiarism detection and originality validation in LibreOffice itself—no need to copy-paste into separate software.
  4. Well, if that isn’t enough, Grammarly also provides writing insights. Yes, you can improve readability and formatting in LibreOffice with Grammarly suggestions of a text on the spot and always have your readers engaged.

Now, to answer the most critical questions. Can Grammarly check Grammar in LibreOffice Writer directly?

Yes, you only have to install the add-on for your LibreOffice.

Wondering how to install the Grammarly add-on in LibreOffice?

Here’s how you do it.

How to Install Grammarly on LibreOffice?

Follow the simple steps below.

Step 1. Set up a Grammarly Account

Visit and create an account to avail yourself of all its valuable tools and services.

Grammarly website

Step 2. Download the Grammarly Browser Extension

Go to your favorite web browser and download and install the Grammarly browser extension from the Grammarly website.

Once done, click “Add to Chrome” or a suitable option based on your preferred browser.

Grammarly website

(For those wondering, Does Grammarly work with LibreOffice on Linux? Here’s the deal. While you cannot download the Grammarly Desktop application like Mac or Windows, you can still use it as a browser extension. However, if you are indeed looking for Alternative grammar checkers for Linux, you can download the LanguageTool) 

Step 3: Open LibreOffice and Find the Extention Manager

Once you have added the Grammarly browser extension, you only need to enable your LibreOffice Writer to use Grammarly as an extension.

Now, go to the Menu and locate the “Extension Manager” in the “Tools” section.

Step 4: Add and Install the Grammarly extension for LibreOffice

Click on the Add button in the Extension Manager and find the Grammarly browser extension you downloaded from the window that appears.

Select the Grammarly extension and click the “OK” button to Install. 

Step 5. Enable and Configure LibreOffice add-on for Grammarly

After the installation, return to LibreOffice, go to the “Tools” menu, and click the “Options” button. 

From here on, you only need to find the “Language Settings” in the Options window.

Open it to find “Writing Aids” and click on the checkbox next to Grammarly in the “Available language modules” section.

Finally, click “OK.” and you are all set. 

How To Use Grammarly for LibreOffice?

Once you have downloaded the browser extension, you will get real-time suggestions as you create your document online through various features like Vocabulary enhancement, Clarity suggestions, and Real-time suggestions for Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

libreoffice editor

You can also copy your work to the Grammarly Dashboard to get a list of all suggestions for quality improvement directly.

Here is the pro tip.

You can set “Goals” for your work and cater to your audience’s needs.

The Grammarly Free plan gives you all the basic features of a grammar checker, spelling checker, and suggestion, along with a score of correctness, clarity, engagement, and content delivery.

However, if you have the Grammarly Premium of Business version, you can correct errors based on your score and unlock editing based on the selected options.

Another thing that comes in handy, especially for academic and content writers, Free vs. Premium Grammarly in LibreOffice, is a plagiarism checker.

Yes, if you were Comparing the benefits of free and paid Grammarly versions, this is where you see significant differences.

Let’s take a closer look.

How Do You Detect Plagiarism Using Grammarly on LibreOffice?

Apart from a fantastic LibreOffice grammar checker, what makes Grammarly stand apart is a robust plagiarism checker.

Grammarly compares your work to 16 billion databases to provide a detailed plagiarism report and possible sources, texts, or quotes.

However, in Grammarly Free, you are given only a plagiarism alert. Grammarly Premium, on the other hand, gives you a detailed report that you can download.

This additional feature is handy for individuals working in professional settings, such as marketing, communications, content creation, or even academic professionals and writers, to verify the authenticity of your work and make it as unique as possible.

Learn how you can make Grammarly work with Overleaf.

How To Check Reports On LibreOffice?

To check Grammarly reports on LibreOffice, the web direct integration with LibreOffice offers limited functionality; using the copy-paste method to Grammarly’s dashboard ensures you receive the full scope of Grammarly Premium features. 

You get a detailed report of your work according to the style, tone, and audience you choose, along with suggestions from Grammarly to make your work perfect.

You can even download a plagiarism report of your work from Grammarly to make sure your work aligns with standards and is not copied. 

Addressing the limitations of using Grammarly with LibreOffice, here’s the only downside. LibreOffice does not have a native integration with Grammarly; however, the browser extension of Grammarly for LibreOffice resolves that issue.

And if you are Exploring alternative grammar checkers compatible with LibreOffice? Grammarly is a top choice.

Many people use Microsoft Word, and you can encounter bugs and errors while using Grammarly in it. So I have written an article, “Why Grammarly is not working in Word,” for such people to fix your errors.

Conclusion: Grammarly For LibreOffice

In conclusion, integrating Grammarly with LibreOffice allows you to check Grammar and spelling and receive clarity suggestions in LibreOffice, ensuring a comprehensive proofreading experience.

By following the above easy steps, you can make use of both Grammarly and LibreOffice to create documents that are not only grammatically correct but also stand out with enhanced clarity and originality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does LibreOffice have a grammar checker?

Yes, LibreOffice does have an in-built dictionary, and you can enable a spelling checker by going to Tools and enabling Automatic Spell Checking. If you want a detailed spelling checker, Grammar, and plagiarism checker, you can download Grammarly for LibreOffice for free.

How can I install Grammarly for LibreOffice?

Install the Grammarly browser extension from and enable it to configure in LibreOffice by going to Tools and Extension Manager. For a step-by-step guide, refer to this article.

How to download Grammarly for LibreOffice for free?

To download Grammarly for LibreOffice, go to your preferred web browser and search for Download the web browser extension of Grammar and click “Add to Chrome” or “Add to Firebox” based on your preferred browser to use Grammarly for LibreOffice for free.

What are the Alternatives to Grammarly for LibreOffice?

The alternatives to Grammarly for LibreOffice have to be chosen considering the compatibility and whether LibreOffice is safe to use with the tool or not.

What is the best grammar checker for LibreOffice?

Grammarly is one of the best grammar checker tools that enables its users to get real-time suggestions of any grammatical error or spelling mistakes along with sublimity in tone, style, and delivery of their content. It is compatible with most office suites like Microsoft 365, Open Office, and LibreOffice.

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