How to Make Grammarly Work With Overleaf? (2023 Guide)

Grammarly wth Outleaf

Did you know it is now easier to integrate Grammarly with Overleaf but with the right tool and knowledge?

Overleaf I is a LaTeX editor specially created to help academic and professional writers create their papers graphically improved including research content.

And this will make the process more easy so that you can use pictures mathematical symbols, tables, and other visual components

Here in this article, I will guide you on How To Make Grammarly Work With Overleaf.

So let’s get started!

Can I use Grammarly in Overleaf?

Absolutely yes! As Grammarly is available on multiple platforms and devices you can use these two applications together. The main factor is to use its browser extension instead of the desktop application or web editor

The best part is that Grammarly is available on Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera. And I suggest you download one of them to start using Grammarly in Overleaf.

Even Grammarly free account users can use this browser extension and take advantage to correct their spelling and grammar issues along with managing their academic papers.

Why An Overleaf Grammarly Integration Is Important?

The Integration of Overleaf & Grammarly Is Important because it makes the process easy to insert pictures, mathematical symbols, tables, and other graphic components that were specially created for writing academic papers and other professional documents.

Overleaf Home Page

With the help of Overleaf, you and your colleagues can work together on any of your LaTeX projects. You will have the option to save your files in the cloud as well as access your research and writing from anywhere.

Because of Overleaf writing production and publications, it become simple and easy. However, academic writing needs excellent grammar, requirement for the use of an advanced grammar checker.

Grammarly is one of the best on the market, but it does not currently have a plugin or integration for Overleaf.

Grammarly being one of the best in the market does not currently have a plugin or integration for Overleaf.

Thankfully writers can find a workaround to use Grammarly with an Overleaf LaTeX document to save time with proofreading and deliver real-time grammar checking.

So now, to get started with this simple guide, all you need is a little creativity.

How do I get Grammarly to work on Overleaf?

To get Grammarly to work on Overleaf follow this quick and simple step-by-step explanation of how to use Grammarly with Overleaf.

Follow these steps so you can work without switching between programs:

  1. Install the Grammarly Browser Extension
  2. Log In to Your Grammarly Account
  3. Log In to
  4. Write Your Document
  5. Use Grammarly Editor
  6. Overleaf-Textarea Plug-In

1. Install the Grammarly Browser Extension

If your default browser opens Google Chrome then go to Chrome Store to get started.

install grammarly

From there, you have to search and look for the Grammarly add-on and click on the “Add to Chrome” option to install it.

For Safari users, the process is slightly different.

Open the Apple App Store on your device and search for the Grammarly extension.

After locating it, select “Get” and then proceed to install it. Once the program has successfully downloaded, click on “Open” to launch.

In case you are using Grammarly with Overleaf on Firefox, then you have to go through the Add-Ons page.

From there, locate the Grammarly extension and proceed to download it.

After the download is complete, add it to Firefox and wait until the process finishes.

Downloading Grammarly for Microsoft Edge follows similar steps:

Step 1. Begin by opening the Microsoft Store and searching for Grammarly.

Step 2. After you find it, click on “Get” to start the installation process, and then next click on “Add Extension” to complete the process.

2. Log In to Your Grammarly Account

Now sign in to your account once Grammarly is installed on your browser. If it’s working, you should see a green Grammarly logo in a browser text field

3. Log In to

install overleaf

Open the website for Overleaf and sign in to your account.

Choose the LaTex editor template since Grammarly is only reliable for this feature.

4. Write Your Document

Start typing your academic paper or other formal writing, and Grammarly will correct your mistakes as you go.

There should be a green G logo in the lower right corner of the screen to show that Grammarly is working. The online editor also puts red underlines on your misspelled words and grammar mistakes.

To see and correct the grammar mistakes, use your mouse and move over each underlined sentence to view the meaning of each one. You can click on them to agree with the change or not.

5. Use Grammarly Editor

To be honest, sometimes the extension runs in the background, which means that it may not always work perfectly.

To ensure accurate grammar, visit the Grammarly Editor and upload your document there.

To save your time and make it comfortable you can avoid exporting your work and simply copy and paste it back into the original file.

Keep in mind that if you only export as a .docx file, Grammarly will not retain your layout and formatting.

6. Overleaf-Textarea Plug-In

Getting the Overleaf-Textarea plug-in from GitHub is the least common way to use Grammarly with Overleaf.

It changes the text source in Overleaf into a text area that the Grammarly extension can check.

Simply click here to download the plug-in, and then select the Rich Text Mode option on Overleaf.

The Grammarly extension will automatically draw attention to any spelling, grammatical, or stylistic errors you make.

Upload Text to

If that two-step process is not working for you, then another option to write your article in Overleaf is simply to copy and paste it into Grammarly’s desktop app and also on

Go through the spelling and grammar checking recommendations, then load it back into Overleaf to finish formatting.

Though a little cumbersome, this process allows you to use the two programs together without a complex plug-in installation.

Grammarly Overleaf Chrome extension

The amazing part is that you can easily access the Grammarly extension on popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera.

If you happen to lack any of these browsers, I highly recommend downloading one in order to fully use Grammarly alongside Overleaf.

Even those who use the free version of Grammarly can take advantage of the browser extension.

With integrating Grammarly you can easily manage and correct any spelling or grammar mistakes as you keep tracking the academic paper smoothly.

In the event that the extension doesn’t work, there is an alternative approach, albeit not my primary suggestion.

You can make necessary changes to your work after uploading it to the Grammarly Editor.

It’s worth noting that this process is time-consuming as exporting the file from Grammarly results in the loss of formatting. To overcome this, simply copy each paragraph and paste it back into the original file.

How to Check Grammar in LaTeX?

Documents written in LaTeX are not supported by the vast majority of online grammar checkers such as Grammarly and LanguageTool.

Simply converting this file to plain text will allow you to check your grammar in this document.

Does Grammarly Work with LaTeX?

No! At this time, Grammarly does not support the LaTeX file format.

In addition, the online editor does not perform a grammar check on PDF or Markdown files. However, installing and testing the extension on Overleaf won’t hurt in any way.

Why Important To Have An Overleaf Grammarly Integration?

Overleaf is a dynamic. Here anyone as a user can collaborate to edit and publish professional as well as academic documents.

Users can share documents in the cloud, write together using LaTeX, and look at their work on any mobile device.

I must say that Overleaf can truly get the academic work done and share it with others very easily.

Proper and professional grammar is very important in academic writing, so you definitely need a good grammar checker like Grammarly.

Even though it is one of the best, Grammarly doesn’t work with Overleaf yet, even though it is one of the best.

Luckily there is a dedicated workaround for the authors where they can connect Grammarly to an Overleaf LaTeX manuscript which is really helpful to check for grammar mistakes in real time and can reduce your efforts and time on proofreading.

Just think of something to start.

How To Use Grammarly With Overleaf Online LaTex Editors?

There are specific procedures to follow in order to use Grammarly with overleaf online latex editors.

As there is now no Grammarly extension or app for Overleaf, you will need to use the website itself.

Here is:

Install the Grammarly browser extension or mobile keyboard

Open and log in to your Grammarly account. Find the Grammarly for Chrome extension and add the plugin.

If you are using iOS or Android mobile devices, you can add the editor to the device through the Grammarly Keyboard add-on.

Sign in to

After that, visit and log into your Overleaf account. Once you log in, choose the LaTeX editor template and start typing.

So, if you install the plugin correctly, you will notice a green or red circle in the bottom right corner of your editor. This means that the plugin is working.

After you’ve written your document, you can use the Grammarly grammar checker to check its grammar and get feedback on its syntax or how it uses language.

Now check the suggested changes, and make any adjustments if you need or feel are required for your document and then you can save your final work.

How To Use The Overleaf-Textarea Plug-In?

If you wish to use the overleaf-textarea plug-in, you have the option to acquire the overleaf-Texterea plug-in, which is available for download on GitHub as open-source software.

This plug-in essentially converts the text source within Overleaf into a text area, enabling Grammarly to efficiently identify and highlight any potential grammar errors.

Once you have successfully downloaded the plug-in, you can activate it within Overleaf.

Simply select the “Rich Text Mode” option, and the Grammarly browser extension will diligently scrutinize your writing in real-time, providing suggestions and corrections for any grammar mistakes that may arise.

Final Thoughts

At the end of this article on “How To Make Grammarly Work With Overleaf” the combination of Grammarly and Overleaf will definitely make your writing journey remarkable and enhanced.

The incorporation of Grammarly’s robust grammar-checking tools and Overleaf’s collaborative editing features guarantee documents that are not only fixed grammatical errors but also polished.

This can be one of the best integrations to easily streamline your workflow and can truly enhance the overall quality of your writing whether it can be a research report, thesis, or any scholarly work.

With Grammarly and Overleaf working hand in hand, you can confidently articulate your ideas while upholding precision and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Grammarly in Overleaf?

To use Grammarly in Overleaf, you need to add the Grammarly extension to your browser. You can also use the Overleaf-Texterea plug-in to let Grammarly scan the text as you type.

Why doesn’t Grammarly work on Overleaf?

The important thing is to use the add-on instead of the standalone program or the online editor. Grammarly has add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera, which are all major browsers. If you don’t already have one of these browsers, you should get one. You can’t use Grammarly with Overleaf if you don’t have that.

How to connect Grammarly to LaTeX?

To use Writefull’s language check, all you have to do is click the icon after starting the editor and opening the.tex files you want to check. You can make the language changes to your LaTeX source file with just one click. Your account will get a new copy of the changed LaTeX file.

How do I make Grammarly work?

If you install the Grammarly browser extension, you can use the writing suggestions on Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and most other websites with just a few clicks. If it works, a green G will show up in the bottom right corner of the text field.

Why is Grammarly not working on my page?

If the Grammarly Chrome extension isn’t working, there may be too many cache and cookie files kept on the page. Simply erase the cache and cookies on your Chrome browser to fix this.

What is the best grammar checker for Overleaf?

By providing grammar checks and linguistic comments inside of Overleaf, Writefull for Overleaf improves your writing. It corrects grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and other issues using language models that were trained on vast journal articles. Writefull is specifically designed to offer linguistic advice for those writing academic research papers. It is offered in English.

How To Fix “Grammarly Overleaf Not Working”?

To resolve the issue of “Grammarly not working with Overleaf,” first, ensure you’ve installed the Grammarly browser extension. Then, disable any ad blockers or conflicting browser extensions, and refresh the Overleaf page. This should help Grammarly function smoothly with Overleaf.

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