Wordtune Vs Grammarly: Which One Is The Best Writing Assistant Tool?

Wordtune Vs. Grammarly

If you are a writer and are on the internet searching for the best AI writing assistant, then you will come across Wordtune or Grammarly.

While there are multiple articles on the internet on Wordtune vs Grammarly, I’m here to give a detailed analysis of both these tools from a firsthand writer’s perspective.

And you can trust me because I’m a writer by profession.

It does not matter whether you are a student, a professional writer, or someone creating content for personal enjoyment; the decision between Wordtune and Grammarly could significantly impact the quality and style of your writing.

Let’s get into it.

Wordtune vs Grammarly: Quick Overview

If you are in a hurry, don’t worry; I’ll quickly compare the two tools to save time.

Grammar CheckerBasicAdvanced
Spelling CheckerPresentPresent
Sentence RephrasingLimited features in a free plan like grammatical improvement and rephrasing.Limited features in a free plan, like grammatical improvement and rephrasing.
Style SuggestionsPresent Present
Plagiarism DetectorAbsentRobust plagiarism detection
AI content detector YesNo
AI Translator ToolYesNo
Vocabulary EnhancementLimited vocabulary suggestionsRich vocabulary enhancement
Real-time FeedbackYesYes
User InterfaceUser-friendlyWell-designed and user-friendly
Free Plan OfferingLimited features in a free plan like grammatical improvement and rephraser.Basic grammar and style in the free plan
Premium PlansAdditional style and writing enhancementsAccess to advanced grammar and features like plagiarism.
Customer SupportEmail and online chatEmail support, extensive knowledge base
Mobile AppNoYes
Desktop AppNoYes
Browser ExtensionsChrome and Edge extensionExtensions for all major browsers
Customization OptionsLimited customization featuresPersonalized writing style preferences
PriceCheaperSlightly pricey

Now that you have glanced at Wordtune vs. Grammarly let us get into the details.

Grammarly vs Wordtune: Pros & Cons

To understand which is better, Wordtune or Grammarly, you must analyze their pros and cons.

A free version is available for students or other writers.Cons
Generative AI to help rewrite sentencesNo summarizer Tool
 Mobile and Desktop App AvailabilityLimited Free Plan Features
Gives Vocabulary and voice Improvement ideasNo paraphraser tool
Compatible with MacOSPremium Plans Costly
Advanced Grammar Checker
Style Enhancement Suggestions
Plagiarism Detector Available
Real-time feedback
Integration with popular tools like Word, PowerPoint, Docs, etc.
7-day free trial period for Business Plans
Accurate Spelling Checker
Customizable Writing Goals for tone, audience, and formality of text
Browser Extension Support for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.
A free version is available for students or other writers
Comprehensive Writing Report and Score to improve overall readability and delivery

Now, moving on to Wordtune.

Decent grammar and spelling checkerNo desktop or mobile app
Real-time improvement suggestionsRelatively Newer platform
Compatible with MacOSNo plagiarism detector
AI content detector includedFeature scope narrower
Cheaper alternativeLess intricate Grammar checking compared to Grammarly
Has a language translatorIntegration with lesser tools
Summarizer tool available
Has a Chrome and Edge extension
Customizable style suggestions
Advanced sentence rephrasing tool with Generative AI

Wordtune vs Grammarly: The Main Features

Now, let’s get into serious business. This section will be a feature-by-feature breakdown for informed decision-making on your right tool.

Let’s compare it from a writer’s perspective.

Wordtune vs. Gramamrly: User Interface

The first thing we writers look for in a tool is its interface. If it is tough to handle, it will hardly help us make our lives easier.

Grammarly: Grammarly has little to no learning curve. It’s beginner-friendly and displays all your errors and discrepancies written on a suggestion bar to your right.

User Interface in Grammarly

Mistakes and other enhancements are highlighted in different colors, and you can make changes as you see fit by merely accepting their suggestions. This also improves a writing score that is displayed on top. All its tools are shown on the screen, and searching takes no time.

Wordtune: Wordtune also has a clean interface and a real-time suggestion bar called Editor Notes.

Your mistakes are underlined in different colors; however, it lacks certain features available in Grammarly, like the personalized writing goals of a writing score to help check your work’s accuracy.

In terms of interface, both tools give what they promise.

Wordtune vs Grammarly: Grammar and Spelling Checker

As a writer, error-free content is what we aim for, and writing is difficult if you have to worry about mistakes as you write.

Grammarly: Grammarly is a household name for grammar and spelling checking. It is the gold star of these tools, as it achieves almost 100% accuracy in text editing and correction. Voice, tone, vocab, verb agreements, it can handle it all.

Wordtune: Wordtune also has a basic grammar and spelling checker and gives you alternatives to sentences you write. However, it is less robust than Grammarly. It does handle complex things like voice agreements or personalized tone suggestions based on your choices.

In terms of grammar and spelling checker, Grammarly wins.

WordTune vs Grammarly: Sentence Rewriting and Paraphrasing

Sometimes, as writers, we also need to rewrite sentences or make summaries of large text, and it does take a lot of effort if you do it manually.

Grammarly: Grammarly does not have a dedicated rewriter tool. However, it has Generative AI assistance that you can use to rewrite your sentences based on your chosen tone. You can shorten, expand, and also improve sentences with this handy feature. Grammarly still needs a summarizer tool.

Wordtune: Wordtune has both tools, powered by Generative AI, and achieves all that Grammarly can do.

wordtune sentence Summarizer

With this feature, I will have recognition to give to WordTune.

WordTune vs Grammarly: Plagiarism Checker

Academic writers, creative professionals, or even content writers need to ensure their work is unique, and this feature helps you with it.

Grammarly: Grammarly has a good plagiarism checker that compares your text with an extensive 16 million database to give you a detailed plagiarism report highlighting the sources of the matched text.

Wordtune: Wordtune doesn’t have a plagiarism checker tool. It mainly focuses on sentence rephrasing and style suggestions to avoid plagiarism altogether. It has an AI content detector that can detect non-human text, and you can rewrite these sentences.

Wordtune AI Content Detector

A plagiarism report is necessary for all professional writers, and Grammarly has an edge with this feature.

WordTune vs Grammarly: Integrations and Compatibility

While a tool is necessary to help us write, it has to integrate with the tools and devices we use, or else it’s useless.

Grammarly: Grammarly is the older tool in the market and is compatible with many other tools. It can be used as a web tool, but it is available as an extension for almost all browsers.

t has native integration in Microsoft Word, the most popular writing tool. It also has mobile and desktop app versions that you can use with any other tool of your devices freely. If you are a Mac or Linux user, Grammarly is compatible with both. It’s more or less omnipresent.

Wordtune: Being a comparatively newer tool, it still needs a smaller base than Grammarly. It has no apps. It is compatible with Windows and iOS, has a Chrome and Edge extension, and can be used as a web tool, and that’s about it.

As you can guess, Grammarly wins this.

Wordtune vs Grammarly: Pricing Comparison

Now, coming to the prices, here is the list of their pricing plans for you to choose between budget-friendly vs premium pricing options of each of these tools to ensure your investment is worth it.

Grammarly Pricing:

Grammarly Pricing PlansFeaturesPrice 
Free PlanBasic grammar checking and style suggestionsFree
Grammarly PremiumAdvanced grammar checking, style suggestions, plagiarism checker, and more. $30 per month if billed monthly ($12 per month with annual billing)
Grammarly BusinessAll premium features, Team collaboration, admin controls, and priority supportComes with Grammarly 7-day free trial periodCustom pricing depends on the number of users. (Starts with 25$/month for monthly billing and 15$/month for annual billing)

WordTune Pricing:

WordTune Pricing PlansFeaturesPrice 
Free PlanAdvanced grammar checking, style suggestions, 30 rewrites, and 5 summariesFree
Plus PlanAdvanced grammar checking, style suggestions, 30 rewrites and 5 summaries9.99$/month
Unlimited PlanUnlimited features with Priority Support14.99$/ month
Business PlanUnlimited features with Priority SupportCustom pricing. 

If you still need clarification, you can do a free trial comparison to test both tools and see for yourself.

Wordtune vs Grammarly: Customer Support

So what if you face a problem?

Grammarly: With Grammarly, you can submit a ticket and get an email support option. They have a 24* 7 support team that comes in handy. They also have an extensive knowledge base and FAQs for you. And if you have Grammarly Business Plans, you also get Priority Support options.

WordTune: Customer support in WordtUne is also email-based and is reportedly slower than Grammarly. However, you do get Priority Spoort in their Unlimited and Business Plans.

Final Thoughts On Wordtune vs Grammarly

As this detailed comparison ends, Grammarly does outshine Wordtune regarding the sheer number of features it offers and the power of each other tools.

It is a more experienced tool, and it also caters to a large number of people; however, it is slightly pricey. However, if you want a tool just for rewriting and summarizing, Wordtune will have you covered.

Now that you know everything, I hope you find the right tool.

Happy writing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wordtune worth it?

If you are looking for a tool to rewrite and rephrase sentences, WordTune is a good tool, but if you are looking for grammar and plagiarism checks, then Grammarly is better.

Which is better, Wordtune or Grammarly?

As a rephrasing tool and a summarizer tool, Wordtune is better, but Grammarly has more features and helps overall writing consistency and improvement.

Which to choose, Wordtune or Grammarly free?

If you are looking for a Wordtune vs. Grammarly in-depth comparison, then Grammarly has more features than Wordtune. You can peek into this Wordtune vs. Grammarly article to learn more.

What are alternatives to Wordtune?

Many tools are good writing assistant software in the market. Look for WordTune vs. Grammarly, WordTune vs. Quillbot, or ProwritingAid and see which is the best tool. Find the best Grammarly alternatives and improve your content.

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