7 Best AI Translation Software & Tools Ranked in Feb 2023

Best AI Translation Softwares

Are you tired of struggling to communicate with people who speak different languages? Do you want to expand your audience beyond your native language and reach people worldwide?

AI Translation tools offer a solution to break down those language barriers and connect with others seamlessly.

Why let language differences stand in your way when you can use translation tools to bridge the gap and communicate with a much wider audience worldwide?

With a single click on the best AI translation software, you can translate content written in any language to another. 

What Is AI Translation & How Does It Work?

AI translation uses AI algorithms to convert text or speech from one language to another. AI translation software analyzes and understands the source text’s context, grammar, and vocabulary before generating accurate translations in the target language. 

This tool will translate text, documents, and websites into any language you want in a single click. 

But how do they work?

AI translation software uses a vast database of AI algorithms and techniques such as neural machine translation (NMT), deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to translate text and achieve high levels of accuracy and fluency.

What are the Benefits of Using AI for Translation?

Now, you may ask, why do you even need AI translation software?

In today’s world, why should you be limited to a small group of people when the internet allows you to reach people worldwide? 

If you ask me about the benefits of using AI for translating, here are some things that come to mind: 

  1. Real-time translation for conversations: Imagine traveling to a different part of the world where no one understands you or you. What do you do then? Or what if, as a business, your client speaks a different language? The best AI translation tools have speech recognition that converts speech to text in any language you want. 
  2. Expand Reach Internationally: The internet allows us to connect to people worldwide, so why not take full opportunity to expand our business and communication on a large scale? All established businesses exploit the ability to reach audiences in their native language and use cultural nuances appropriately to make an impression and connect.
  3. Accurate and Fast Translation: Accurate and reliable translation tools provide language support and coverage, but these powerful translation engines do it at lightning speeds and are almost perfect. So why waste time and effort when you can have the software do it for you?
  4. Consistency: AI translation software ensures consistency in terminology and style across translations, which might be missed by an inexperienced person doing the same manually.
  5. Cost-Effective: AI translation tools often offer cost-effective solutions that are cheaper than hiring human translators, especially for large-scale projects.

If you are looking for the right AI translation tool, here is a list of Popular tools that can help anyone and everyone translate speech, text, or documents into any language they want. 

Top 7 Best AI Translation Tools and Services 

Now that you know how important it is to have an AI translation tool at your service, here is a list of the best AI translation software overall. 

In this list, I will discuss the features and functionalities of AI translators, along with free vs. paid AI translation options, to ensure everyone finds what they are looking for. 

Let’s get into it.

1. MachineTranslation.com (Machine Translation Aggregator)

MachineTranslation.com  is an AI-assisted tool that streamlines translation for individuals and small and medium-sized businesses.


It expertly evaluates, compares, and analyzes machine translation engines to deliver fast, accurate, low-cost linguistic solutions.

Accuracy RankingsAssisted by multiple AI tools, inaccuracies may occur
AI-Assisted Translation Insights
Translation Comparison
Real-time translation
Segment Analysis
Translate up to 2000 words in one click
Translation History
Machine Translation Aggregator
240+ languages, 28,600+ language pairs
Translation Engine Recommendation

Pricing Plans at MachineTranslation.com:

Discover the Subscription Plan that suits you best:

  • Free Plan – Ideal for occasional users looking to translate on the go.
  • Starter Plan – $12.75/month: Perfect for startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals needing reliable translations for everyday tasks.
  • Advanced Plan—$48.50/month: This plan is tailored for regular users and small to medium-sized businesses with frequent translation needs.

2. DeepL (No. 1 For Professionals)

DeepL is one of the most popular AI translation tools, and it is known for its exceptional accuracy and fluency.

DeepL Translate

It has advanced neural machine translation technology and Document translation of various formats.

Deepl supports accurate and fluent translations at high speedsIt could have more language support
DeepL has language support for over 30 languagesThere are limited features in the free version, and premium plans are costly
It can translate documents of various formats, including PDFs, docs, PPTs, etc.
User-friendly interface
It has a DeepL write feature to enhance and edit text in different languages based on AI technology
It also comes with a dictionary
Has a free plan

Pricing Plans: 

DeepL has a plan for both individuals and businesses. There are free software versions for both. 

For individuals: Starter Plan is $10.49/month, Advanced Plant is $34.49/month, and Ultimate Plan is $68.99/month. 

For business: Pro Plan starts at $5.49+ Usage-based charges. 

An overall 16% discount is available for annual billers.  

3. Google Translate (Best FREE Software Overall)

Google Translate is one of the most widely used AI translation tools. It is one of the best in terms of the number of languages it supports.


It is a free software by Google and offers real-time translation for text, documents, and websites.

Has offline translation capabilitiesIt can sometimes miss out on cultural nuances in translation
Free software
Has an extensive list of language support
It is usually part of the browser and can be used at any time
It can be translated from various formats, including text, documents, websites, and image translation
It also has speech recognition and can use advanced AI algorithms and speech-to-text engines to generate translated versions in any language the user selects

4. Smartling (For Large Businesses)

Smartling Ai translation tool

Smartling is an AI-powered translation tool that will help you localize tour content to different languages and reach a broad audience. It also has extensive business support options.

Support for various file formatsNo free plans or features
Has multiple language support for over 150 languagesPricing plans are not displayed on the website
Has AI-driven translation suggestions that are accurate and reliable
It has a translation memory that it utilizes when working in the same languages
Integrates with many tools like Google Drive, Hubspot, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Pricing Plans: 

It has Core, Growth, and Enterprise Plans (Price needs to be noted on the website and needs direct contact with the team.)

5. Microsoft Translator (For Microsoft Lovers)

Bing Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator uses AI to translate text, documents, and speech accurately. It’s free and part of the Microsoft ecosystem and has several features that I like, for example, a Conversation Mode that translates speech as you speak.

It is a free softwareYou can sometimes miss out on regional nuances in language
It can translate text, speech, images, and text from various document formatsIt is dependent on the Mircosoft ecosystem
Part of the Microsoft ecosystem and can be used in any Microsoft app
It is part of the Microsoft ecosystem and can be used in any Microsoft app

Pricing Plans: 

It is free to use by all and is not limited to specific user groups, but for businesses, custom plans must be negotiated with the team.

6. Systran (Paid Plans for Specific Users)

Systran is an AI-based translation software for professionals, businesses, and developers. It offers advanced translation features and supports various document format translations as well.

Has support over 55 languagesIt has no free versions
It has customizable translation dictionaries
On-premises and cloud-based deployment options
It has a Microsoft Add-in
Its translation tool is widely known for accuracy and speed
Support for specialized domains and industries
Has a downloadable app
Supports translation from multiple document formats like Word, Excel, PPT, XML, JSON, etc.

Pricing Plans: 

Systran has different paid plans for other users. 

For professionals, there are four Pro Plans. Have a look. 

For business, you need to contact their teams. 

For developers, there are two pricing options: A free plan for limited characters and a Pro plan for 8.99 euros.

7. ChatGPT (Best Text Translator)

ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology, offers conversational AI capabilities with built-in translation features. While it is known for its conversation-based AI generation power, ChatGPT has powerful machine learning that can be translated into any preferred language.

It can be integrated into other toolsIt does not support other formats like document or image translation like DeepL or Google Translate
It can translate text into any preferred languageIt may only sometimes be inaccurate since it is not exclusively a translation tool
It is easy to use and generates translations in the conversation box with the AI

Pricing Plans: 

It is free software with a website open to all. However, premium plans to GPT subscription a wheel start at $20/month. 

8. Unbabel (AI+Human Translation)

Unbabel is the software that combines AI translation technology with human editors to deliver scale-quality translations.

It supports translation from various formats and provides extensive customer support for enterprises.

Support for various industries and content typesExpensive Alternative
It has multiple language support for over 30 languagesNo free version is available
It also integrates with many platforms like Oracle, SalesForce, etc.Not fully automated
It has robust data encryption and anonymization mechanisms to protect your data
Tailored to the client’s needs and preferences with extensive support
It has AI-driven translation suggestions with human post-editing for quality assurance

Pricing Plans:  

Has Starter, Standard, and Enterprise Plans with a Minimum $10,000 annual commitment. 


Using the right AI translation software will change how we communicate across languages, offering accurate, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for translation needs.  

In the time of globalization, communication is critical, and let’s not let language be a barrier. 

After reading this article, I hope you find the best translation software for your needs and can easily talk to or reach people from different cultures and parts of the world. 

Until Next Time, 


FAQs on Best AI Translation Software

What is the best AI translation software?

Suppose you are looking for translation on the go. In that case, Google Translate or Microsoft Translator is good, and for business professionals, tools like DeepL, Smartling, and Systran offer comprehensive translation management solutions.

Can ChatGPT be used for translation?

Yes, ChatGPT does have translational capability. It can translate any text into any preferred language as the user instructs.

What are the best free AI translation tools?

Many translation tools are readily available for free. Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and ChatGPT are the best AI translation tools.

Is Google Translate AI good?

Google Translate is one of the widely used translation software. It has the most significant number of languages supported and can translate text, documents, websites, and images for free.

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