Is Grammarly Good For Students In 2023? (My Review)

Is grammarly good for students

As students, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with numerous assignments and the pressure to meet strict deadlines.

In such circumstances, Grammarly has emerged as a highly popular tool, promising to enhance our writing proficiency.

However, a fundamental question arises: Does Grammarly truly deliver benefits to students?

This article dives into the features and functionality of Grammarly, carefully analyzing its pros and cons, aiming to help students in making an informed decision about whether this tool is genuinely valuable for improving their writing abilities.

Let’s explore.

Is grammarly good for students

How Is Grammarly Good For Students?

Grammarly comes with a variety of add-ons and apps, As a student, writer, and entrepreneur so can use it on all of your devices:

Bottom Line: I rely on Grammarly for all my writing needs, as it corrects all my spelling and grammar errors and elevates my style, flow, and choice of words. The premium version offers exceptional features like genre-specific recommendations and plagiarism checks, but the free version suffices for most individuals and surpasses any free proofreading tool available.

What Is The Advantage Of Grammarly For Students?

To make the most of their time, students should actively interact with their learning materials, create captivating essays and papers, and collaborate with their classmates.

For those looking for an exceptional deal, Grammarly provides an enticing 20% discount for students.

While it’s beneficial for students to grasp the fundamentals of grammar, they often lack the luxury of dedicating hours to mastering the intricate details of punctuation and syntax.

By using Grammarly, students can efficiently save time by leveraging its grammar-checking capabilities, particularly during the revision process.

Additionally, the platform helps students steer clear of unintentional plagiarism. As they edit their work, Grammarly instructs them on English grammar, fostering confident and timely writing.

Here I have listed some of the important benefits of Grammarly for students:

  1. Fix Grammar With Accuracy
  2. It Provides Context To Grammar Errors
  3. It Improves The Readability Of A Student’s Work
  4. It Supports Plagiarism Checks
  5. It’s Affordable
  6. It Saves Hours Of Time Editing
  7. It Supports Editing On Multiple Devices
  8. It Builds A Student’s Writing Vocabulary

1. Fix Grammar With Accuracy

Grammarly is the final check before submitting an essay, research paper, or academic writing for marking or publishing.

Students can expect it to fix spelling, grammar, and syntax easily. Grammarly corrects more errors than the system or word processor grammar checker. These modifications include context, so students can determine what to use.

2. It Provides Context To Grammar Errors

High school students aren’t as good at following basic grammar rules. It’s hard to figure out where to put an apostrophe and what correct grammar looks like.

Grammarly Premium offers tooltips with context and suggestions for each error. Tooltips offer real-world advice. It’s an interactive grammar guide.

When editing a piece, a student should choose an audience, domain, purpose, and level of formality goal.

3. It Improves The Readability Of A Student’s Work

Students, particularly postgraduates, create difficult essays and reports. They often employ specific language, terminologies, and phrases.

Students must also ensure their writings are readable if they want their audience to engage with them.

Grammarly scans academic writing and provides a Flesch-Kincaid readability score. A pupil can utilize a grammar checker to simplify complicated or needless language, but not to reach a ninth-grade reading level.

Grammarly helps students define their intended audience and domain competence. This grammar checker tailors readability and stylistic suggestions for the researcher.

4. It Supports Plagiarism Checks

Students spend a lot of time reviewing primary and secondary materials. Secondary sources offer credibility to a student’s work but can lead to concerns like accidental plagiarism.

If they wish to use a fact or statistic but cannot locate the source, Grammarly for Students can be an excellent solution. A decent grammar checker can detect accidental plagiarism and validate references and citations. A plagiarism check takes a few minutes and can prevent problems later.

5. It’s Affordable

Students in academics sometimes have a limited budget and can’t afford costly software. So they sometimes use free grammar checkers. Unfortunately, free grammar websites generally have annoying adverts.

These ads are distracting while editing a document. Free tools sometimes have limited features or can only check a small number of words.

Grammarly is an exception. The free plugin doesn’t show adverts to students. It’ll identify and repair more faults than a standard grammar checker.

Grammarly Premium costs $30/month/user. This subscription includes a plagiarism checker, unlike other programs. Premium gives extra insight into suggestions.

6. It Saves Hours Of Time Editing

A student’s first proposal often has weak writing, like the passive voice, cliches, and words that don’t make sense. It isn’t always possible to go over these writing problems before the deadline, especially if the paper or essay is long.

Grammarly’s AI writing assistance. This program proposes sentence rewrites that students can accept or reject. It detects weak writing for the pupil to rectify. Competitors don’t have AI-powered sentence rewrites.

7. It Supports Editing On Multiple Devices

Grammarly lets students work on five devices from anywhere. They might write a drought at home and examine it on campus.

Many students fear losing their work. Grammarly works online and complies with SOC-3 and GDPR. I checked hundreds of articles and never lost anything.

8. It Builds A Student’s Writing Vocabulary

If you’re in high school or an ESL student, you probably want to boost your vocabulary. Some authors keep a dictionary and thesaurus by their desks, although most students don’t use them.

Using Grammarly, a student double-clicks a word to replace it. It provides synonyms. These tools assist English learners to identify better words and discover new ones.

Pros & Cons Of Grammarly Premium

The tool is capable of identifying plagiarism from various sources.The feature is exclusively accessible for content composed in English.
The plagiarism detection feature highlights the origin of plagiarism through links.It experiences a delay problem for texts exceeding 1,000 words.
The results of the tool are highly precise and accurate.To utilize the feature, a user must purchase a premium plan.
It provides an originality score to indicate the level of uniqueness of the content.The tool does not offer any assurance against data theft.
The tool facilitates the quick detection of plagiarism.
Additionally, the tool comes equipped with a built-in grammar and spell checker.

Is Grammarly Premium Free For Students?

While Grammarly does not offer a dedicated free version for students, they can still sign up for a free account and access its limited checking features.

With this free account, students can check their writing for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and Grammarly provides helpful suggestions for improvement.

However, to fully utilize Grammarly’s advanced features, upgrading to the premium version is necessary.

Apart from grammar and spelling checks, the premium version of Grammarly also includes a plagiarism checker. Alternatively, students can explore other free online plagiarism checkers if they prefer not to upgrade.

For educational institutions, there is a version of Grammarly called Grammarly for Education, specifically designed for schools and universities.

While it is not available for free, institutions can directly request pricing information from Grammarly.

This version of the tool can be beneficial for educators who aim to offer their students advanced writing support and plagiarism detection.

Is Grammarly cheating for students? Should Students Use It?

No, Grammarly is not considered cheating for students.

Instead, Grammarly serves as a valuable resource for students to improve their writing abilities by detecting and rectifying grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

Using Grammarly does not entail any plagiarism or academic dishonesty, as it doesn’t generate content on behalf of the user.

Consequently, Grammarly for Students offers a means to enhance the accuracy and coherence of students’ writing while maintaining academic integrity.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It For Students?

Yes, Grammarly is an excellent investment for college students who have writing assignments to complete.

The free version of Grammarly surpasses Word’s in-built spell checker in terms of functionality and accuracy.

Meanwhile, the premium version provides advanced writing improvement features, along with a valuable plagiarism checker that is invaluable for academic writing.

Grammarly Premium has a monthly subscription. By purchasing Grammarly, you get a plagiarism checker. Basic Grammarly checks spell and grammar.

Grammarly Premium edits phrasing, grammar, and vocabulary. It checks for plagiarism and suggests styles. Ph.D. candidates or bloggers should get the premium version.

Grammarly Premium costs $29.95 per month and $11.66 per month invoiced annually for $139.95. Your needs determine whether you use the free or Premium version.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it

Conclusion: Is Grammarly Good For Students?

We wrote a lot about the best grammar checker on this site. Grammarly always comes out on top in our tests because of its many features, AI-powered writing assistant, and ease of use.

We also like its plagiarism checker. We were not the only ones. Academics in this Research Gate thread also liked Grammarly.

Still, students can choose what to do. Quillbot is great for keeping track of references and bibliographies.

We also liked Antidote, which is like Grammarly but doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet. But it doesn’t have a tool to check for plagiarism.

In short, students should choose a grammar checker that fits their needs for academic writing. Often, that’s what Grammarly does.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grammarly worth it for academic writing?

If you’re a high school or college student aiming to enhance your essays and steer clear of plagiarism, Grammarly Premium is an excellent choice. It assists in proofreading essays, referencing sources, and achieving the appropriate writing style. This tool can be a valuable aid to improve the quality of your writing.

Is it OK for Students to use Grammarly?

Submitting a college essay that contains numerous spelling and grammar errors can be detrimental to your academic performance. It’s advisable to revise and proofread your essay before submitting it, and to have a final check with Grammarly to ensure that it’s error-free, engaging, and maintains a consistent tone throughout. This approach can help improve the quality of your essay and increase your chances of success.

Is Grammarly cheaper for students?

It’s clear that choosing a quarterly or annual subscription with Grammarly can lead to substantial savings. By making use of the discount currently available, you have the potential to save 20% or even more on the cost of the subscription. This presents a fantastic opportunity to acquire Grammarly’s premium features at a reduced price.

Which Grammarly plan is best for students?

Consider upgrading to Grammarly Premium if you find the free version helpful. It offers an additional 150 grammar checks and features like plagiarism detection, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and contextual spelling. These tools can significantly enhance the accuracy and quality of your writing.

Is Grammarly allowed in school?

The majority of schools do not consider Grammarly cheating.
If you’re a student working on essays or writing for a class, you’ve probably heard of Grammarly. Grammarly is an excellent tool for checking spelling, grammar, tone, and other aspects of your writing.

Is Grammarly worth it for academic writing?

High school and college students can benefit from using Grammarly Premium to enhance their essays and avoid plagiarism. It provides proofreading, source citation, and tone adjustment features, resulting in improved writing quality.

Does Grammarly improve grades?

One can use Grammarly to identify the various tones employed in their writing and to highlight the most impactful sentences. Additionally, it can aid in editing other sentences to ensure consistency in tone. It’s important to keep in mind that the college admissions essay should improve your grades, without coming across as arrogant.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it for high school students?

For high school and college students seeking to enhance their essays and steer clear of plagiarism, Grammarly Premium is an excellent choice. This tool assists with proofreading, referencing sources, and establishing the appropriate tone for their writing.

how much is Grammarly for students?

Grammarly offers various pricing options for students. The cost of Grammarly for students depends on the subscription plan they choose. Grammarly’s pricing for students starts at $12 per month for an annual subscription. However, please note that prices may have changed since then, and it’s recommended to visit the Grammarly website for the most up-to-date information on pricing for students.

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