Why Is Grammarly So Expensive? Top 5 Major Reasons

Why Is Grammarly So Expensive

Grammarly is a great artificial intelligence (AI) tool, it helps writers in enhancing their writing skills.

This pricing barrier sometimes makes it difficult to afford for some people looking to improve their writing skills.

As we know Grammarly is costlier, but still, it is the favorite choice for many writers like me looking to enhance their skills.

Here in this article, I will tell you each part of Grammarly’s features, with a detailed analysis and talk about why Grammarly is so expensive.

So, let’s get started!

Why Grammarly Is So Expensive: Grammarly Premium Vs Free

Yes, Grammarly is expensive, Because it is a highly accurate plagiarism detector, real-time grammar checker, simple user interface, and most secure writing improvement tool.

Grammarly also has a basic version that is free to use.

Grammarly offers a premium version specially for writers looking for advanced features that the basic version doesn’t have.

The main reason for the higher cost of Grammarly’s monthly and yearly plans is its excellent accuracy in language checkers.

As it checks for more than just language and spelling mistakes, Grammarly’s premium service is worth the cost.

Another reason behind the high cost of Grammarly more than other programs is that it provides more advanced features and technology.

Here I have listed below the major reasons, let’s discuss them in detail:

  1. Data Processing Speed
  2. Safety & Security
  3. Features
  4. Accuracy
  5. Ease Of Use

1. Data Processing Speed

One of the important reasons that Grammarly is costly is Fast data processing. Being a user I can say that Grammarly can quickly read and analyze the entire text looking for any mistakes to be fixed.

Grammarly will notify you of the percentage of the problems in the content and provide you suggestions for improvement as well.

It helps you to quickly review and improve the quality of many thousand words in just a few hours.

When you type the text, Grammarly quickly finds and highlights all typing and other mistakes.

Once they are marked, all that’s left to do to improve the quality of the whole thing is to go through it all and make any necessary changes.

2. Safety & Security

The high cost of Grammarly is primarily justified by the guarantee it offers in safeguarding your data. As an editing tool, Grammarly prioritizes the confidentiality of your information by refraining from sharing it with any external parties.

Moreover, they have implemented robust safety protocols that users can trust.

While your data is stored on their servers, it remains inaccessible to anyone unless you explicitly grant them permission.

It is crucial to be aware that once you delete your data from your account, it becomes irretrievable under any circumstances.

Grammarly employs advanced security measures to ensure the protection of your information, thereby reducing the risk of potential virus or malware attacks on your device.

3. Features

The high prices of Grammarly can be attributed in part to the additional features it offers. Compared to other writing tools available, Grammarly provides a wide range of benefits.

When individuals invest in this tool, they unlock various features that enhance their writing experience. These include precise error detection, improved efficiency, extended functionality, and better overall results.

Writers can rely on Grammarly’s strong algorithm to identify and correct flaws in their writing, instilling confidence in the accuracy and quality of their work.

Grammarly Features
  • Contextual Spelling
  • Grammar & Punctuation
  • Sentence Structure
  • Style
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Plagiarism Detector

Contextual Spelling

If you come across any misspelled words, the contextual spelling tool is there to help you out. It not only identifies these errors but also offers you a one-click option to correct them.

When Grammarly detects a misspelled word, it automatically suggests the correct spelling based on the writing mode you are using.

Remarkably, it has the capability to check and rectify more than 250 various types of spelling mistakes without making any errors themselves.

Grammarly’s ability to deliver such accurate spell checks is made possible by its advanced contextual technology.

Grammar & Punctuation

Grammarly is a valuable tool that detects various grammar and punctuation errors. It not only identifies these mistakes but also provides real-time suggestions on how to correct them.

For instance, it efficiently detects misplaced apostrophes, unnecessary commas, and other common punctuation errors.

Grammarly also rectifies errors related to articles, verb tenses, and misplaced modifiers. By employing an algorithm, this tool enhances the clarity and readability of writing.

It aids in writing without errors and ensures a clear and concise expression of ideas.

Additionally, Grammarly scans for missing periods and comma splices, ensuring proper punctuation and enhancing the overall flow of the writing.

Sentence Structure

Grammarly is an exceptional tool that offers invaluable assistance when it comes to constructing sentences accurately.

It not only provides suggestions on how to piece together sentences correctly but also highlights every incorrect way that a sentence can be formulated within your content.

This enables you to effortlessly rectify any errors and ensure the coherence and correctness of your writing.

The four most important sentence structures that the tool offers are:

  • Simple sentences
  • Compound sentences
  • Complex-compound sentences
  • Complex sentences

As you enter your content into Grammarly, the program will quickly find and highlight all the typing and other mistakes in just a few seconds.

Grammarly tells you if there are any issues with your writing like missing verbs, irregular speech, parallelism, or the placement of adverbs. It will also suggest corrections to be made.


Grammarly offers you meaningful suggestions on word choices and effectively enhances the clarity of your content.

By using its powerful algorithm Grammarly gives you some unique suggestions and edits considering both like author’s writing style and the audience they are writing for.

This makes sure that your material becomes easier to understand and connects the readers specifically selected by the author.

Grammarly writing style

Grammarly may help you style your writing by improving the flow and overall sense of the stuff you produce

It uses four main writing styles:

  1. Narrative
  2. Descriptive
  3. Expository
  4. Persuasive

Grammarly examines the writing style of your material and makes suggestions regarding tone based on that analysis.

This helps make content that flows well and is easy to read.

Vocabulary Enhancement

The vocabulary enhancement tool is designed to boost the richness of your content’s vocabulary.

When you employ the appropriate words and possess a strong vocabulary, your writing becomes more impactful and effectively engages your readers.

The manner in which Grammarly enhances your vocabulary leaves a lasting impression and demonstrates your writing prowess.

It employs concise, lucid, and uncomplicated words to ensure that your intended message is easily comprehensible to the reader.

The tool’s language enhancement feature aids in establishing a connection with your audience by using simple words that address their concerns and issues.

It identifies frequently used words and provides suggestions for fresh phrases and vocabulary, thereby elevating the overall quality of your content.

Plagiarism Detector

Grammarly is among the best plagiarism detectors renowned for its exceptional ability to identify copied content from various sources such as websites, journals, books, and more.

Grammarly Plagiarism detector

This impressive tool accomplishes this feat by thoroughly examining your text against the vast expanse of billions of web pages already available online.

The plagiarism detector provides a clear indication of how much of your content has been duplicated from external origins.

This feature empowers users to thoroughly review their entire article, allowing them to pinpoint all instances where the tool has identified significant plagiarism.

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is particularly beneficial for individuals involved in extensive academic writing.

By using this tool, you can carefully inspect the work of your peers to ascertain whether unintentional copying of someone else’s work has occurred.

Furthermore, it serves as an invaluable resource for acquiring information that can enhance the quality of your text.

Here’s what you need to do to check for plagiarism on Grammarly:

Step 1. Go to the Grammarly Editor

Grammarly Editor

Step 2. On the editor page, paste the content you want to check for plagiarism

Step 3. Click on the plagiarism button

The tool will run a plagiarism report and show you which parts of your content are similar to those on other websites.

4. Accuracy

Grammarly is an incredibly valuable tool that is adept at identifying and fixing spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing style errors, ensuring the excellence of your written work without any flaws.

Numerous tests have been conducted, and Grammarly has consistently demonstrated nearly four times greater accuracy compared to other language tools available in the market.

Additionally, Grammarly shines in its ability to detect spelling mistakes, making it an ideal choice for individuals who frequently publish online content and desire to avoid any potential plagiarism issues.

By using Grammarly’s plagiarism checker, you can instantly identify any instances of copied text and promptly make the necessary modifications.

Initially, the plagiarism checker’s accuracy was subpar, but through ongoing efforts and significant investments, Grammarly has made substantial improvements in its performance over time.

In recent years, Grammarly has allocated significant resources to enhance its overall quality, showcasing its unwavering dedication to delivering an exceptional writing experience for users.

5. Ease Of Use

The Grammarly interface is designed to be extremely user-friendly, making it effortless for writers to utilize this tool.

Its simplicity, along with a straightforward user interface (UI) and absence of major issues, contributes to its higher cost.

Grammarly dashboard-Easy to use

Users can seamlessly begin using the tool without any difficulties. Once you copy and paste your text, Grammarly provides suggestions on how to enhance its precision and effectiveness.

To evaluate the suggestions, simply hover your cursor over them, carefully read and consider their suitability for your sentence.

Grammarly’s AI examines your content and highlights any phrases or words that require clarification or improvement.

Additionally, the tool offers a list of alternative words that may enhance your writing. Even if you are new to writing, making corrections with Grammarly is a breeze.

Grammarly Business?

Grammarly Business is invaluable for organizations aiming to improve their written communication.

Grammarly business

With its sophisticated features, it assists teams in maintaining consistent grammar, spelling, and punctuation across various platforms.

The program’s user-friendly interface allows employees to seamlessly integrate it into their workflow, providing real-time suggestions and corrections.

Moreover, Grammarly Business goes beyond the basics, offering advanced clarity and engagement recommendations to improve the overall quality of written content.

Whether it’s emails, reports, or marketing materials, Grammarly Business ensures that your team delivers polished and professional documents.

Boosting productivity and fostering effective communication, Grammarly Business is a must-have for any organization.

Is it Worth Paying for Grammarly?

Grammarly is worth the money because it can find most writing mistakes, from ones with mechanics to ones with style.

The Grammarly Premium Version costs $30 per month and can fix typos, passive voice, plagiarism, wrong tone, and more. Among the ways to pay for it are:

  • Monthly plan: $30 per month
  • Quarterly plan: $60 every three months ($20/month)
  • Annual plan: $144 per year ($12/month)

In my honest opinion, I truly believe that this program exceeds its value in terms of what you invest in it.

I can confidently assure you that no other grammar checker out there possesses the capability to thoroughly examine your spelling, grammar, and potential instances of plagiarism.

Make the most of the opportunity to perform unlimited checks, especially if you engage in daily writing tasks such as composing blog posts, crafting stories, or completing homework assignments.

Why Choose Grammarly?

Grammarly is a tool that can assist in improving the overall quality of your writing.

You can also experiment with various writing styles to cater to the specific needs of certain audiences.

Take a look at some of Grammarly’s most important features that make it such a useful tool:

  • It’s easy to use
  • Correcting your grammar in real-time
  • Easy customization
  • Easy customization
  • Highly accurate

Where can I use Grammarly?

Grammarly can be used in a variety of contexts to improve one’s writing abilities.

It’s a well-known program that helps with writing and works well with other modern programs.

  • In the beta version of Google Docs, which was made for it
  • On the website, you can upload content to be checked
  • As an iOS or Android app for your phone
  • As a Microsoft Office app for Outlook
  • As an extension for Microsoft Word
  • As an extension to Google Chrome
  • As a desktop app for Mac

Is Grammarly the Best Grammar Checker?

Grammarly is the most accurate grammar checker available.

Grammarly eliminates plagiarism, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes.

Best Grammar checker Grammarly

It’s the ideal writing tool because it’s for all writers. Grammarly can assist bloggers’ content agencies to sound fluent and interesting. The plagiarism checker can boost academic writers’ credibility.

It’s not like other grammar checkers that just help certain writers. EasyBib is for researchers and students. SEMrush is for SEO-needing internet writers. Everyone needs Grammarly.

Pros and Cons of Grammarly

Most Accurate Grammar CheckerLimited Free Version
Real-Time Grammar CheckingExpensive
Easy to Use
Available on Different Platforms and Devices

Final Thoughts

Grammarly is an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology, That offers advanced guidance and tools to assist writers.

With its huge range of features and approach to natural language built on machine learning, Grammarly is very good at correcting speech.

Grammarly’s premium subscription is expensive because it offers better features than its competitors to the writers. The Premium version helps you enhance your writing skills increase productivity, and bring you huge benefits.

Investing in Grammarly can help writers produce high-quality work for their clients and help grow business connections for the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grammarly Premium overpriced?

The premium fee can be too much for casual authors. If you only write occasionally but want all of the features of Grammarly Premium, the $30 per month price tag might be too much for you.

What is the lowest Grammarly price?

If you opt for the individual plan’s one-year license, it will be the most affordable choice, totaling $144 annually or $12 monthly. However, not everyone can afford to pay the full amount upfront. If that’s the case for you, you have the option to make payments either every three months or every month. The quarterly plan amounts to $20 per month and totals $60 every three months.

Does Grammarly offer a student discount?

Yes, Grammarly provides students discounts who sign up for either a yearly or a quarterly plan. By taking advantage of a concession on Grammarly, you may cut your costs by at least 20%.

Is Grammarly Premium free for students?

Although Grammarly’s Free and Premium plans offer individual Grammarly accounts to students and educators, Grammarly for Education is an institutional license that grants access to all students and faculty members.

Is the free version of Grammarly better than the premium?

In simple terms, Grammarly Free provides you with basic tools such as a grammar checker, spell checker, and punctuation checker. On the other hand, Grammarly Premium offers additional benefits like a plagiarism checker, an AI-powered writing assistant, and various other useful features that writers can take advantage of.

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