Scalenut vs Jasper: Which Writes Better In 2024?

Scalenut Vs Jasper

These days, AI writing software tools are easy to get on the internet.

There are many AI writing tools available that let you quickly & easily create high-quality articles.

As an entrepreneur and content creator, I experienced that creating long-form articles for users may be time-consuming and work-intensive.

Scalenut and Jasper AI are both the best AI-powered content writing assistant tools.

These two tools can assist in creating high-quality content as per your requirements within a few minutes only.

In this article, I’ve done an extensive comparison of Scalenut Vs Jasper.

This will give you a comprehensive glance at both AIs and help you decide which one is best.

Scalenut Vs Jasper

Scalenut Vs Jasper: What Are The Main Differences

Scalenut and Jasper are two of the most popular AI writing assistants. They are similar in some ways and different in many others.

In this section of the article, I will highlight some of the most significant distinctions between Scalenut and Jasper:

  • Scalenut is the best SEO tool overall, while Jasper is the best AI command tool for experts.
  • The SEO optimization tool from Scalenut looks at the top 30 search engine results page (SERP) results to help you improve your post with NLP keywords and insights. In this way, Scalenut is very different from Jasper AI. If you buy SurferSEO, you can get this function for Jasper AI.
  • Scalenut users don’t have access to a money-back promise, but Jasper users do for 5 days.
  • Scalenut offers a 7-day free sample, but Jasper does not.
  • Scalenut, unlike Jasper, can only give findings in English.
  • The Scalenut website has a live chat feature, so you might get an answer in less than 5 minutes. Jasper doesn’t have a real-time chat feature, which is not great for users.
List Of Available FeaturesJasper AiScalenut
Ai AssistantYesYes
Content GenerationYesYes
Content ResearchNoYes
Keyword ResearchNoYes
Content OptimizationNoYes
Content BriefNoYes
Grammar CheckYesYes
Plagiarism CheckYesYes
Command FeaturesYes, Boss ModeYes, Cruise Mode
NLP TermsNoYes
Content Quality Check/GradeNoYe
Factual ContentNoYes
Chrome ExtensionNoYes
SEO FeaturesNoYes
Team CollaborationYesYes
Free Version Available?YesYes
PricingFrom $49/monFrom $39/mon
Email SupportYesYes
Live Chat SupportYesYes

What Is Scalenut?

Scalenut is a tool that uses AI to help people make high-ranking content by using natural language processing and other technological advances.

Scalenut Home page

It makes the writing process easier, from coming up with content ideas to writing finished works.

This makes it good for both new writers and marketing teams with a lot of experience.

The platform provides articles and product descriptions with a clear and well-organized structure so users can make material that helps their company reach its goals.

Scalenut also uses information from different places to help make better context that does well on search engines.

Scalenut is different from other products because it offers a complete answer that cuts the time and work needed for long-form SEO content by a lot.

If you wish to learn more about Scalenut, you may read our in-depth Scalenut review article, In which I have covered each aspect in detail.

Key Features Of Scalenut

Here are some of the key features of Scalenut:

  1. Long-Form content
  2. User-friendly Interface
  3. High-Quality Content
  4. Cruise Mode
  5. Professional Guide

1. Long-Form content

Scalenut’s long-form content feature empowers writers and content creators by providing them with a robust platform to craft compelling articles.

Create long form content with Scalenut

The platform offers a user-friendly interface that assists in organizing ideas, structuring articles, and seamlessly integrating multimedia elements.

Within this feature, writers gain access to powerful editing tools that enhance their writing, facilitate collaboration with editors, and provide real-time feedback.

Advanced analytics enable users to monitor the performance of their content, including metrics like page views, engagement rates, and time spent.

With Scalenut, writers can create captivating and informative articles that genuinely resonate with their intended users.

2. User-friendly Interface

Scalenut’s user interface is simple and easy to access, which makes it appealing to beginners.

Scalenut user interface

After you log in, the left side of your dashboard will have a summary of the most important features and functions, as well as links to your account settings and the helpline.

Also, the most popular AI writing is shown in a visible place on the main screen so that they are easy to find. Scalenut’s layout is easy to use and looks good.

3. High-Quality Content

The best thing about Scalenut is that its AI generates high-quality content.

Scalenut uses GPT-3, which is the most advanced language prediction model to date.

This makes sure that every result their AI tools make is of high quality.

I was most interested in the material that their copywriting tools made.

4. Cruise Mode

Scalenut Cruise Mode is designed to make it simpler to generate in-depth SEO content.

It functions as a travel mode after the topic and some background information are entered.

By adhering to a predetermined workflow, article production can be expedited with Cruise Mode.

Scalenut then compiles reports and statistics.

After choosing a title, the article is created in editor mode using the information to generate article outlines. It is then exported.

The process is simple because it does not require research into outline formats, introduction styles, title variations, bullet point formats, frequently asked questions formats, or anything else.

Here, I have written an in-depth article on top AI tools in scientific research.

Scalenut handles everything so you can concentrate on expanding your audience and creating content that Google adores.

5. Professional Guide

Scalenut has a team of skilled professionals who can help you start and improve your digital content.

They have writers who focus on your industry, and a Scalenut expert is always there to help you.

What Is Jasper?

Jasper AI is a web-based software designed to improve the quality of content on a website, aiding marketers and copywriters in increasing audience conversion rates.

Jasper AI home page

By utilizing artificial intelligence, Jasper AI creates engaging copy for various advertising campaigns, including Facebook, Email, YouTube, and Natives Ads, as well as sales copy for sales pages, landing pages, and squeeze pages.

This software eliminates the need for costly copywriters and prevents writer’s block, allowing for increased content production while simultaneously converting the audience.

Key Features Of Jasper AI

Here are some of the key features of Jasper AI:

  1. Content Creation
  2. Boss Mode
  3. Custom content templates
  4. Contains Over 25 Languages
  5. Surfer SEO Merges
  6. Jasper AI Academy

1. Content Creation

Jasper AI can create a certain amount of writing about your topic of interest, depending on the subscription package you select.

Jasper Ai Content creation page

Simply enter clues, like captions, headlines, or a quick introduction, and then click the appropriate option to view the result to use this tool.

Additionally, the application can generate headlines, blog entries, and extended AI material that are specially tailored for your social media posts.

2. Boss Mode

Most recently, Jasper got an update that added Boss’s cost and functionality.

Users of Jasper can now do anything they desire with a simple voice command.

Imagine talking to Siri on your iPhone or iPad. To put it another way, Jasper’s Boss mode is awesome.

3. Custom content templates

Jasper provides you with more than 50 different templates, giving you the headstart you require for the development of content.

Jasper Bootcamp AI-Templates

These fifty or more templates generate artificial intelligence material that may be used for advertisements on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google, as well as for postings on social media platforms, blog articles, photo headlines, email text, marketing copy, and a variety of other uses.

4. Contains Over 30+ Languages

Jasper AI’s support for multiple languages is a remarkable capability. Including English, Japanese, German, French, etc., it prefers over 30+ languages.

Jasper Ai list of languages

Because of this, it’s a good fit for your company if you’re trying to reach customers all over the world.

5. Surfer SEO Merges

Surfer SEO is software that uses artificial intelligence to assist you in optimizing your website’s content for a higher ranking on Google’s search engine.

Jasper AI and Surfer SEO have the potential to be combined.

To optimize the benefits of both tools and boost your organic online presence, it is advised that you utilize them both simultaneously.

By integrating Jasper AI and Surfer SEO, you can generate content that ranks higher on Google’s search engine, thereby increasing website traffic and conversions.

In addition, integrating these two tools provides access to features such as keyword research and an active content editor that permits the incorporation of images, links, and other resources.

6. Jasper AI Academy

It may initially seem difficult to understand how Jasper works. However, after using the tutorials offered on the site, you will become proficient in using it.

Jasper AI Academy

If one doesn’t take care of Jasper’s many characteristics could overwhelm one, which is possible.

It is crucial to visit the Academy section and watch the tutorials that show how to use the software’s many capabilities.

Scalenut Vs Jasper: Pros & Cons

Scalenut Pros & Cons

Can create long and short-term contentOnly available in English
Easy to use interface
High-quality Service
A marketplace available
Affordable pricing plan
24/7 customer support

Jasper Pros & Cons

User-friendly interfaceMore expensive than other its competitors
It offers almost 50 templates
Creates original, plagiarism-free content
Jasper AI Academy
Excellent customer support

Scalenut Vs Jasper: SEO

Scalenut is a powerful SEO tool that helps with everything from researching, planning, and writing content to optimizing it so it ranks higher in search engines.

One of the best things about Scalenut’s SEO features is its Cruise Mode, which makes it easy and quick to write a blog post.

Just type in the phrase you want to use, and the tool will give you title tags that do well in search results, along with an outline and a blog post.

Then, you can start the optimization process and keep track of your content score.

Cruise Mode will suggest how many pictures, H2, H3, FAQs, and NLPs should be in your content to improve your ranking.

It’s important to note that Scalenut’s built-in SEO tool is free, but if you want more advanced tools like backlink insights and live page auditing, you have to subscribe to Surfer.

But Scalenut’s SEO features can still be compared to those of tools like Writerzen and Surfer SEO.

Jasper AI integrates with Surfer so that you can use all of Scalenut’s built-in SEO features, such as subject clusters.

Scalenut Vs Jasper: Content Brief

In addition to conducting research, one can use Scalenut to condense our content into a brief summary.

The themes covered by our top competitors are worth looking into, as was previously discussed in the content research section, as their high SERP ranks suggest that their content is beneficial to readers.

The same subjects will be covered in our posts but with more in-depth details. Jasper, regrettably, does not offer a Content Brief option with in-depth data analysis.

Even while an AI assistant can help with the outline, it is irrelevant compared to top SERP rivals because it merely provides headlines without performing any insightful analysis.

Scalenut Vs Jasper: Support

Jasper has excellent customer service and helps customers in a number of ways, like through email, live chat, and its Facebook group, which works especially well because co-founder Dave Rogenmoser answers questions from users himself.

Jasper Customer Support

Also, Jasper’s YouTube channel has a lot of tutorial videos, and you can find knowledge-based pieces to help yourself.

On the other hand, Scalenut also has customer help through email, live chat, and a Facebook community, but it doesn’t have detailed tutorial videos for each feature as Jasper does.

Scalenut customer service

Also, Jasper’s co-founders, Dave Rogenmoser and Michael Suski, lead workshops that show how its integration with other marketing tools, like Surfer SEO, works to get better results.

Why You Should Choose Jasper For Copywriting?

Below is the list of reasons for choosing Jasper for copywriting:

  • Jasper’s outstanding feature is its capacity to gradually learn and improve. This suggests that when more data is entered into the system, Jasper’s prediction and suggestion skills get more accurate.
  • The focus on customization on this platform is one standout feature. Its design seeks to offer customers personalized suggestions that take into account their own tastes. It differs from other artificial intelligence systems because of this because they often focus on providing general recommendations.
  • Jasper has been designed to be very scalable, so businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to big enterprises, can use its features. This is possible because it is built on the cloud technology of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Why You Should Choose Scalenut For Copywriting?

Below are the reasons to choose Scalenut for copywriting:

  • Start with a single keyword and obtain exhaustive reports filled with insightful data. Utilizing its knowledge of essential keywords, h tags, intelligibility, and user intent, the SEO functionality assists you in developing content that will achieve high rankings.
  • Utilize AI to gain access to exceptional content ideas and revisions. The AI Copywriter provides you with a distinct advantage that extends to complete blog posts, email subject lines, ad copies, social media posts, and other content formats with the touch of a button.
  • Using the SEO Assistant’s intelligent editor, ensure that everything is in place, from relevant keywords and image density to relevant queries and h tags, resulting in the generation of AI-generated content that is always successful.

Scalenut Vs Jasper: Pricing & Plans

In this part of the article, I compare Scalenut’s and Jasper’s pricing options.

Sclenut Pricing

Scalenut provides multiple pricing tiers so that you can use its many features.

Choose a plan that fits your business and gives you an edge in multiple areas.

Scalenut provides a free trial period during which users have access to the full suite of the company’s offerings in addition to the main program.

Scalable pricing plans

Essential Plan

If you choose to pay for Scalenut’s Essential plan every month, it will cost you $39 per month.

If you pay for the whole year at once, though, the cost goes down to $23 per month. Also, if you choose the annual deal, you can save 40% on the total price.

Growth Plan

Scalenut’s Growth Plan has a monthly payment option that costs $79, and if you are billed yearly, it costs $47.

You can save 40% on the total price by purchasing an annual plan.

Now, You can get an additional 20% off on the purchase of each Scalenut pricing plan Using our exclusive promo code: FOREVER20

The Scalenut Pro plan will cost you $149 a month if you choose to pay every month. The price will only be $89 per month if you are billed yearly. Additionally, you can save 40% on the total price if you select the yearly deal.

Scalenut frequently offers its users a lifetime deal. Right now, you can get a lifetime membership for only $49.

If you want to take more advantage then you can check out our article Scalenut lifetime deal, in which I have listed the latest Scalenut deals.

Jasper Pricing Plan

Mainly Jasper has three pricing options.

Jasper pricing plans

Starter Plan

The Jasper Starter plan will cost you $49 a month if you choose to pay every month. The price will only be $40 per month if you are billed yearly.

Boss Mode Plan

The Jasper Boss Mode plan will cost you $99 a month if you decide to pay monthly as opposed to all at once. If you want to pay for the service annually, the price drops to just $82 each month.

Business Plan

The Jasper Business plan is an excellent choice for organizations and companies.

Their list does not include the costs associated with this particular plan.

Therefore, you will need to get in touch with the company providing the service in order to obtain the pricing.

Conclusion: Scalenut Vs Jasper

Based on the comparison I gave you above this article, I’m sure you have got the details you need to make a good decision.

It’s important to note that Jasper has advanced features that make it easy to write high-quality business, marketing, and sales writing.

Also, Jasper’s themes can be used for any content you need to write, and the way it works with Surfer means that your content will be SEO-friendly.

On the other hand, I would suggest using Scalenut if your goal is to make long-form, high-quality content that you can optimize with a free built-in SEO tool and rank on search engines to drive traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scalenut better than Jasper?

According to the feedback, Jasper is a superior option to Scalenut for ‘ businesses. Agreed that Scalenut offers the best ongoing product support. Our experts voted Scalenut ahead of Jasper when it came to future roadmaps and updates in terms of features.

Is Jasper copywriting good?

The blog post creator isn’t as easy to use as some of its competitors, but it works well enough if you stick to pre-made themes for shorter pieces of content. Also, after writing the text with Jasper, a lot of rewriting needs to be done.

How does Scalenut work?

Scalenut employs sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) techniques to identify appropriate keywords for a text. In order to make search results more meaningful, a list of all the relevant keywords is provided in the NLP/key terms table.

Why is Jasper AI so expensive?

There’s no doubt that Jasper’s high price is a reflection of how well its features, customer service, and total product are made. You can use the most powerful AI-based writing tool there is right now.

What is the difference between ChatGPT and Scalenut?

Scalenut and ChatGPT are two tools that rely on artificial intelligence (AI), but they each have distinct functions and abilities. Scalenut is specifically crafted for teams involved in content marketing, while ChatGPT is an AI tool intended for various types of conversations and can be utilized in diverse applications.

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