How To Use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker?


Plagiarism, which can occur unintentionally, carries significant ramifications. However, there exists a solution to identify potential instances of plagiarism.

Grammarly Premium offers an advanced plagiarism checker capable of detecting passages or phrases that require proper attribution or acknowledgment.

Based on my personal experience, I can confidently affirm that Grammarly Premium is the most outstanding plagiarism checker that I have used.

Through this tool, writers can verify that their work is original and not derived from any external source.

Here in this article, I have done a comprehensive analysis of How To Use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker?

How To Use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s work, ideas, or words without proper acknowledgment or permission and presenting it as one’s own. It is considered an ethical and academic offense, as it violates the principles of honesty, integrity, and intellectual property rights.

In academic settings, plagiarism can occur when a student submits someone else’s work, such as essays, research papers, or assignments, as their own.

This includes copying and pasting text from books, websites, or other sources without citation, as well as paraphrasing or rephrasing someone else’s ideas without giving credit.

Plagiarism also extends to the use of images, graphs, or data without proper attribution.

The consequences of plagiarism can be severe. In educational institutions, it can result in disciplinary actions, ranging from a failing grade on an assignment to expulsion from the institution.

Plagiarism allegations can also harm one’s professional reputation, credibility, and future career prospects.

To avoid plagiarism, it is essential to properly cite and reference all sources used in academic or professional work.

This includes providing in-text citations and creating a comprehensive bibliography or reference list. It is also crucial to distinguish between one’s original ideas and information derived from external sources.

How To Use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker?

Grammarly plagiarism checker is one of the best software for detecting plagiarism by discovering an exact match of your document’s words or paragraphs against the 16+ billion online web pages and academic articles housed in ProQuest’s massive database.

This is a simple definition of the finest plagiarism checker program.

Grammarly is well-known for its tools for grammar correction and writing development.

If you merely sign up for the Grammarly basic level, you will receive the benefits of grammar and punctuation correction in your text, as well as the best feedback to help you improve your writing skills, including the style, tone, and sentence structure of your work.

To receive the Grammarly plagiarism checker, sign up for a Grammarly Prime account and subscribe to one of the Grammarly premium packages.

When you subscribe to the Grammarly premium package, a page will open in your browser and display the “plagiarism” icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Grammarly scans your work against all online pages on the internet and academic articles saved in ProQuest’s database in a few minutes.

Following the completion of the scan, Grammarly will generate a report stating a percentage of your original content and the plagiarised portion of your text for authenticity.

Grammarly premium tools provide citations for sentences or paragraphs that have been recognized as plagiarised by Grammarly.

You may read our Grammarly review article, in which you will get an in-depth explanation of each aspect of Grammarly.

How To Use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker on Browser?

To use Grammarly on the browser interface, you must first “allow” your Windows to add a Google Chrome extension to Grammarly.

When you access, select “new page.” Ctrl+V to type or paste your text, or upload a document to the untitled document page.

Grammarly will highlight your text in a few seconds for an overall score of grammatical faults, sentence structure, writing style and tone, language, repeated words, conciseness, wordiness, word fragmentation, overused terms, punctuation, and plagiarism.

Grammarly is unique in that its standard feature provides automated text repair. It will improve the quality of your text. Furthermore, Grammarly provides a report for correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery.

Grammarly tips might assist you in establishing common goals for improving your writing skills. To access your Grammarly plagiarism report, click on the plagiarism icon.

Grammarly analyses your writing on billions of web pages and directs the source citations to you. The percentage for plagiarism is indicated in Grammarly’s report.

How To Use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker For Ms. Office

Grammarly provides an alternative solution for individuals who find it difficult to upload or copy-and-paste material into an internet browser. Alternatively, this procedure is simple.

To use the Grammarly plagiarism detector for Microsoft Word, you must first install the Grammarly Installer.

Go to the Grammarly for Microsoft Office download page and get the Grammarly installer for your Microsoft Word.

This method necessitates a Microsoft Word plug-in for the latest Grammarly installer. When the download is complete, launch the Grammarly installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

If everything works well, an Enable Grammarly symbol will show in the top right corner of your MS Word window once the processes are completed.

Now, instead of uploading or copying and pasting the text, simply open it in Microsoft Word.

Once the text is open, click the Enable Grammarly icon to use the Grammarly checkers options such as contextual spelling, grammar sentences, structure punctuation, and plagiarism.

Click on the plagiarism tool to detect plagiarism in your text to check for plagiarism in your work. Grammarly’s plagiarism tool will compare your content to 16 billion texts on the internet and academic articles in ProQuest’s database.

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker flags any sentences or paragraphs that are similar to other writing on the internet.

Once you’ve identified the plagiarised sections in your content, replace those sentences or words with synonyms until the Grammarly plagiarism detector recognizes them as the original text.

Is Grammarly A Reliable Plagiarism Checker for Students?

In 2021, when plagiarism is now regarded very seriously, it is critical to combat the dishonesty and cheating of students to acquire good grades by having credit over someone else’s work.

To address this issue, various plagiarism checkers are currently available on the market.

In comparison to other plagiarism checkers such as Turnitin, which is widely used by institutions, Grammarly lacks a database to hold prior assignments in order to verify them against fresh submissions for plagiarism.

Here is a detailed comparison article, if you are interested in learning which plagiarism checker is superior between Grammarly vs Turnitin, you may read the following article, which provides a comprehensive comparison of the two.

Only the written resources available on the internet can be scanned against your assignments.

So, if you attempted to plagiarise your friend’s assignment and your teacher used a plagiarism detector other than Grammarly, you would be readily caught.

How To Use Grammarly Free Plagiarism Checker?

Click on this Grammarly plagiarism checker on your browser to open this free online plagiarism checker.

Grammaly Plagiarism check

Then, once you’ve put in the content you want to check, click the option that says “Scan for plagiarism.” This software will start checking the content right away for plagiarism and other writing mistakes.

Click Upload a file and then choose the Word file you want to send from the folder on your computer.

The box will show everything in the document. Select this option and click the Check for Plagiarism button to see if there are any duplicates.

Once the scan is done, it will tell you if there is any plagiarism or other writing mistakes in the content.

How To Check A Paper For Plagiarism With Grammarly?

Grammarly is a basic and easy-to-use tool for finding plagiarism in written work.

You can start by uploading your work to Grammarly and clicking on “Plagiarism” in the bottom right corner of the tool.

You can also use Grammarly inside of Microsoft Word to check for plagiarism. Click “Open Grammarly” and then “Plagiarism” to get a detailed report of the plagiarism.

How Does Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Work?

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is a cutting-edge tool that aims to uphold the principles of writing integrity and originality.

It uses advanced algorithms to assess your text thoroughly, comparing it against an extensive collection of published works, academic papers, and online sources.

The process involves three main steps. Initially, Grammarly scans your document and meticulously examines it for potential matches and similarities within its vast database.

Subsequently, it generates a detailed report that highlights any instances of plagiarism it detects, offering specific source links for verification purposes.

Finally, it provides suggestions on how to enhance the originality of your content by rephrasing or correctly citing the relevant sources.

By encouraging ethical writing practices, Grammarly’s plagiarism checker empowers users to produce genuine and distinctive content while upholding the highest standards of academic and professional integrity.

Difference Between Plagiarism And Copyright Infringement

People often mix up plagiarism and copyright infringement, but they are not the same thing. Both of these are different ideas, but they can live together.

Keep in mind, though, that there are ways to legally steal someone else’s work and ways to break copyright rules.

Below I have listed, So, what exactly is the distinction between copyright infringement and plagiarism:

  • The act of posting the work of another author or artist without their consent
  • The act of duplicating something
  • Without the consent of the author, duplicate and disseminate another person’s work

Unlike plagiarism, copyright only pertains to the originality of the work and not the actual work.

Contrarily, plagiarism is a violation of moral, organizational, or ethical standards that are controlled by ethical principles as opposed to copyright infringement.

In contrast, copyright infringement is subject to either federal or state laws. So, while legal action under the DMCA may be taken in cases of copyright infringement, no such action may be taken in cases of plagiarism.

What Are The advantages Of Originality(Unique Content)?

Plagiarism detection tools serve a purpose beyond educational institutions. Regardless of whether you are a professional writer or a blogger.

Maintaining fresh and authentic content is essential in capturing and retaining readers’ attention.

By employing a plagiarism tool, you can identify excessively generic sentences that have the potential to bore your audience and prevent unintentional replication of others’ work.

Recognizing instances where you have used similar wording to express a thought or idea as another writer can serve as a valuable incentive to surpass overused clichés and venture into new, inventive territory.

Do not let concerns about the originality or creativity of your writing hinder your progress. Instead, utilize plagiarism checks and similar tools to enhance the caliber of your work.


The Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is an amazing tool for people who want to maintain the originality and authenticity of their writing.

It analyzes the text against an extensive database, enabling Grammarly to detect potential instances of plagiarism.

This allows writers to make the necessary revisions and ensure that their work is entirely their own. The tool’s user-friendly interface and real-time feedback make it convenient and efficient to use during the writing process.

Additionally, Grammarly generates a comprehensive report that provides detailed insights into any identified plagiarized content.

This enables writers to understand and correct their mistakes. In summary, Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker serves as a trustworthy companion, promoting integrity and originality in written work.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I use the plagiarism checker in Grammarly?

A plagiarism check is easy to do with the Grammarly Editor. Grammarly will check your work for plagiarised passages with the click of a button by comparing it to a database of hundreds of billions of public and private documents.

What is a good plagiarism score on Grammarly?

The plagiarism check on Grammarly doesn’t give any information about how much-copied content is okay. The application’s checking skills aren’t perfect, because it often finds false positives. That means that 15% might be fine.

Does paraphrasing count as plagiarism?

Plagiarism is when you use someone else’s ideas without giving them the credit they deserve. If you give credit where credit is due, paraphrasing is not considered plagiarism.

How do you copy and paste without plagiarizing?

Step 1. Suggest your sources
Step 2. Use pictures and graphs
Step 3. Change the way ideas are said
Step 4. Refer to the list of works cited
Step 5. Use software that is easy to use to find similarities. Compilations Step 6. Magister is software that helps teachers evaluate the work of their students

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