Grammarly Free Trial 2024: Claim 7 Days Free Access Now🎁

Grammarly Free Trial

Are you interested in trying out Grammarly for free?

Yes, you read that right.

You can unlock the magic of Grammarly and transform your writing into precise, captivating content.

And no, you do not need to spend a fortune mindlessly.

You can get Grammarly Premium for free.

Let’s save time; this will be a complete guide on redeeming the Grammarly Free trial and a detailed discussion of the features available in Grammarly’s free trial.

Is There a Free Trial of Grammarly Premium?

If you are still asking this question, let me break it down for you.

A free trial is available for everyone looking for a Premium subscription.

You can use Grammarly for a free trial for seven days before you decide that you want to continue with your Grammarly subscriptions.

Grammarly Pricing

But there is a catch.

Grammarly is a powerful AI writing assistant. It is an all-in-one package that includes a grammar checker, a spelling checker, and a plagiarism checker.

But that is not all; it also allows you to set personalized writing Goals that will enable you to develop the tone and formality of your writing to make it suitable for your target audience.

Grammarly makes your content precise and adjusts sentences to maintain clarity and deliver appropriately.

While basic features of the tool are available in the free version, Grammarly Premium takes it to a whole different level.

If you are looking for a Grammarly Individual Free trial for a personal assistant, try the Grammarly Free Plan to assess its features.

Upgrading to Premium for individual subscribers does not come with a free trial.

Now, Grammarly does offer a free trial for individual subscribers once in a while. But it is not available currently.

However, if you want a Grammarly subscription as a Business for three or more members, you exclusively get a Grammarly Business Free trial.

How long is the Grammarly free trial? You ask.

7 days, completely free.

How Do You Claim The Grammarly Business Free Trial?

Redeeming the Grammarly Business Free Trial is an easy process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to claim Grammarly’s free trial.

Step 1: Visit the Grammarly Business Page from your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Explore the features and benefits of the Grammarly Business plan by clicking the “Compare Plans” button at the top of the page.

Step 3: Choose the right plan for you depending on the number of people you want to access the account, and Click on “Get Started.

Step 4: Proceed by clicking on the Continue with Free Trial

Step 5: If you already have a Grammarly account, log in using your credentials. If you still need to, sign up by providing your email address and creating a password.

Step 6: After you have signed in, you need to verify and confirm your selected plan and click on Proceed.

Step 7: Next, you must enter your payment information, but you will be charged once the trial period ends.

Step 8: Finally, follow the prompts in Grammarly, provide your business details, and install Grammarly Business on the devices used by your team members.

And that’s it.

During the trial period, explore the premium features and experience the enhanced writing capabilities of Grammarly Business.

And if you are wondering, ‘Can I use Grammarly’s free trial on multiple devices?‘ OR Does Grammarly’s free trial include plagiarism checking?

Yes, for both.

All Premium Features are available in the free trial.

It depends on the number of people you choose as part of your Business team.

Grammarly Pricing Options

While Grammarly may not have a free trial for individual subscribers or students, it has a free plan with all its essential features.

For professionals or those who want Grammarly, here are your options.

PlanFeaturesMonthly BillingQuarterly BillingAnnual BillingSavings
Grammarly FreeBasic grammar and spelling checkingFreeFreeFree
Grammarly PremiumAdvanced grammar checking, style suggestions, vocabulary enhancement, plagiarism checker, and more. $29.95$19.98 (per month)$11.66 (per month)If billed annually, saving over 50%
Grammarly BusinessAll Premium features plus team collaboration, admin controls, priority email support, and more.Based on team sizeBased on team sizeBased on team sizeCustomized billing based on team size with savings starting from 300$ for annual billing.

Grammarly Free vs. Premium

Now, to answer the most critical question. What do you get in Grammarly Premium that Grammarly Free lacks? Before investing in it, you should know what the tool brings to your plate.

I’ll make it simple with a thorough comparison table.

FeatureGrammarly FreeGrammarly Premium
Grammar CheckerBasicAdvanced
Spelling Checker Basic Advanced
Punctuation SuggestionsBasicAdvanced
Sentence Structure AnalysisBasicAdvanced
Writing Tone and StyleBasic with only default settingsCustom tone settings from a variety of options
Vocabulary EnhancementBasicAdvanced
Desktop and Mobile AppYesYes
Generative AI WriterNoYes
Plagiarism CheckerNoYes
Collaboration with Team MembersNoYes
Multiple Device SupportNo Yes

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It?

Now that we know the advantages of Grammarly Premium, I’m sure this question can be answered quickly. There is also an opportunity to use the Grammarly student discount to save an extra 20% on the premium plan.

Whether you are a professional writer or a student refining academic papers, Grammarly Premium offers advanced tools designed to elevate your writing to a higher standard.

You can use multiple devices in Grammarly, and the added features in the Premium Plan allow you to create accurate content and improve your content’s overall readability and delivery.

You also have personalized writing scores to keep track of the quality of your work.

With Grammarly as your personal writing assistant, I’m sure you will not only save time with your work but will also have a newfound love for writing once all the stress of mistakes is off your shoulders.

Is Grammarly’s free trial worth it?

The short answer to this question is yes. It is.

Not only does Grammarly give you a whole set of features that will be difficult to find elsewhere, but it also allows you to try it out before deciding to spend on it.

What else do we even ask for as writers?

Suppose the thought of Grammarly’s free trial limitations is bothering you. There is only one. It’s only for 7 days.

However, 7 days are enough to understand whether a tool will be helpful in your work or not. And if you are not convinced, you do not need to continue your subscription.

For those wondering, ‘Can I cancel the Grammarly free trial before it expires?

Yes, you can, and it won’t cost you a dime. Once you have completed your trial period and are satisfied with the service, then you can use the Grammarly 80% discount to buy their premium plan.

Pros And Cons Of Grammarly Premium

Suppose you are still debating whether or not to get Premium or are looking for alternatives. I’ll make it easier by listing the  Pros and Cons of Grammarly Premium.

Generative AIFree Plan has limited features
Advanced Grammar CheckerIt requires an ongoing subscription commitment
Vocabulary Enhancement
Personal Writing Score
Microsoft Word Integration
Style and Tone Enhancement
Integrated Plagiarism Checker
Integration on Multiple Platforms
Customizable Writing Goals
Priority Email Support

Conclusion: Grammarly Free Trial

Now that we have analyzed the premium features and how much Grammarly pricing costs, we can safely conclude that it has advantages.

If you want to subscribe to any Grammarly Premium or Grammarly Business plans, you can try Grammarly for free for 7 days and decide whether the tool is the right choice for you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can students use Grammarly for free?

Yes, students can use Grammarly completely for free. The Grammarly Free plan is free for all students, writers, and professionals.

How many days is Grammarly Free trial?

The Grammarly free trial is available for 7 days. For 7 days, you can experience all the advanced features of Grammarly to improve your writing experience with Grammarly for free.

Is there a Grammarly Free trial code?

The Grammarly free trial is available for all those who plan to subscribe to Grammarly business plans. No trial codes are required.

How do you claim a Grammarly free trial for 7 days?

To claim a Grammarly free trial, you must choose and subscribe to a Grammarly Business Plan and enjoy a 7-day free trial of Grammarly Premium before you are charged a fee.

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