How To Undo In Grammarly?


Grammarly is a very helpful grammar checker tool that can help you proofread your documents automatically.

It does this by looking through your text for common mistakes like misspelled words, bad grammar, wrong punctuation, and problems with style.

Even though the service is very helpful for correcting your writing, there may be times when you need to delete something you accidentally typed.

In this case, you might be wondering if the undo button is built into the program.

Here in this post, I have concluded a fruitful guide on How To Undo On Grammarly or Does it?

So, let’s get started!

How To Undo In Grammarly

Is there an Undo button in Grammarly?

Grammarly is a fantastic tool for both native and non-native English speakers. But we all make mistakes when we write.

After making a mistake, you’ve probably wondered, “How can I undo Grammarly?” The solution is simple: on a Windows computer, hit “control” + “z,” and on a Mac, press “command” + “Z.”

How To Undo How To Undo In Grammarly: Recent Typed Text On Mac Or Windows

The command to undo erased or entered text may differ depending on the platform you’re using.

For instance, you can utilize CTRL + Z in Microsoft Word on Windows by simultaneously hitting the Control and Z keys, or by selecting the “undo” option from the “edit” dropdown menu.

You can do this repeatedly to execute several instructions backward.

By holding down the “Command” key and pressing “Z,” you may do CMD Z on a Mac. This command can also be used in Grammarly to delete recently entered content.

While using Google Documents with the Grammarly Chrome plugin, you can use CRTL + Z on Windows or CMD Z on a Mac.

Grammarly is a well-liked Google Chrome extension that can be downloaded for a variety of platforms from

Before utilizing it, don’t forget to enable it. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors can be fixed in the free version, while a plagiarism checker is included in the premium version.

Use CRTL + Z on Windows or CMD Z on Apple devices to correct mistakes.

How does Grammarly’s undo function work?

I tried Grammarly’s undo tool a few times, and I believe it’s just replacing the word by putting it in.

You can use the undo option in places like WordPress Editor and Google Docs (when Google Docs is operating properly, that is).

But the problem remains, I believe your computer’s system identifies it as a paste, similar to when you press “ctrl” + “v,” and that is why the system knows how to undo your Grammarly mistakes.

How Do I Undo A Deleted Paragraph In Grammarly?

When typing or editing a document, it’s easy to make mistakes like deleting a paragraph by accident.

But this action can be undone quickly and easily. You can bring back a deleted paragraph without having to retype it if you use a keyboard shortcut.

On a PC, press the Control key and the Z key together. On a Mac, press the Command key and the Z key together.

If the whole paragraph was chosen and then deleted, pressing the keyboard shortcut once will put the paragraph back where it was.

But if the paragraph was deleted by pressing the delete or backspace keys more than once, each deletion must be undone by pressing Control + Z or Command + Z more than once.

This shortcut is a quick and easy way to get back what you accidentally deleted from a document.

What Else Does Grammarly Have To Offer?

Grammarly is a very useful tool for students and it offers 20% discount deals on its premium plan.

If you find Grammarly’s free edition beneficial, make sure to check out the pro version as well. If you write as often as I do, I think you’d find the premium edition incredibly useful with all of the added features.

If you would like to know more about Grammarly free or premium, read our article Grammarly free vs premium.

Conclusion: How To Undo On Grammarly?

Overall, Even though Grammarly Editor has a modern touch, it does not have an undo function. Still, you can undo it in the app just like you can in other text fields.

If you make a typo or other change and press Ctrl + Z by accident, your document will undo what you did. After you learn the basic keyword shortcuts, it will be much easier for you to write.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a back button on Grammarly?

With Grammarly’s premium or free edition, you can undo your most recent typing by pressing CTRL Z or CMD-Z.

How do I undo a suggestion on Grammarly?

Click the trash can icon to get rid of any suggestions that aren’t helpful. If the idea can be turned off, you’ll see a button that says Turn off suggestions like this. Click it to turn off the suggestion.

Where is the undo button on pages?

To undo the last action you did, choose “Undo” from the “Edit” menu at the top of your screen or press Command-Z on your keyboard. On the other hand, you can choose “Redo” from the “Edit” menu or use the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-Z to undo what you just did.

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