How To Delete Themify Icons In 2024?: A Complete Guide🗑️

How To Delete Themify Icons

Are you here because you need a guide on How to Delete Themify Icons in 2023?

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Themify is a popular provider of WordPress themes, offering a diverse selection of aesthetically appealing themes with numerous useful features.

Follow the steps below to delete Themify icons.

So let’s get started!

What To Know Before Deleting Themify Icons?

Before you delete Themify icons, it’s important to understand some crucial information.

Themify icons include a collection of vector icons extensively used in Themify themes and plugins.

These icons suit various purposes, including adding social media icons, navigation symbols, and various graphical elements to your website or application.

Before you delete Themify icons, here are some things to think about:

  • If you sign up for a plan and don’t manually cancel it, it will be renewed for another period until you cancel it.
  • You risk losing access to all trial content if you join up for a trial period and then cancel. Before the free trial period ends, you have 24 hours to cancel your membership manually.
  • Check to see if your theme or plugin uses icons from Themify: Before you delete Themify icons, you should ensure that your theme or plugin doesn’t use them. If your theme or plugin depends on Themify icons, deleting them could make your site stop working or leave icons out.
  • If you’ve changed the size, color, or style of any Themify icons, deleting them could mean losing those changes. Before you delete Themify icons, write down any changes you’ve made.
  • If you plan to delete Themify icons because you want to switch to a different icon set, research and try out other icon sets first.
  • It’s always a good idea to make a copy of your website before making any big changes. So, if something goes wrong while you are removing Themify icons, you can get your site back to how it was before.
  • You might need a web developer to safely remove Themify icons. They can show you how to do everything right and help you through the process.

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How To Delete Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets from your iPhone or Android?

How To Delete Themify Icon Themes From iPhone?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to delete Themify icon themes from an iPhone:

iPhone Themify Widget Icon Themes
  • Open Settings: First, open the Settings app on your device.
  • Select Your Name: Look for your name in the menu, and tap on it.
  • Choose “Subscriptions”: From the menu that appears, select “Subscriptions.” If you can’t find it, you might see “iTunes & Appstore” – in that case, go ahead and select it.
  • Sign in with Apple ID: If prompted, sign in with your Apple ID. Then, scroll down until you find the “Subscriptions” option.
  • Find Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets: Look for the subscription named “Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets,” and tap on it.
  • Cancel the Subscription: Finally, you’ll see the option to cancel. Just press the cancel button.

How To Delete Themify Icon Themes From Android?

Here are the simple steps on how to get rid of the Themify icon themes from your Android device:

  • Open Google Play Store: Start by opening the Google Play Store app on your Android device. Ensure that you are signed in with the correct Google account if you have multiple accounts.
  • Access Subscriptions: In the menu, look for and select “Subscriptions.”
  • Find Your Themify Subscription: Locate the subscription labeled “Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets” that you want to cancel.
  • Cancel Subscription: Tap on it; you should see the option to “Cancel Subscription.” Simply click on that, and you’re all set.

How To Stop Using Themify Icon Themes & Widgets On Android?

  • Visit the Google Play Store first so you can get started. If you have more than one Google account, check to see that you are currently logged into the proper one.
  • Go to the menu to the “Subscriptions” option.
Subscription option in Google play
  • Find the subscription to Themify: icon themes & widgets that you want to cancel, then click the button labeled “Cancel Subscription”.
Cancel subscription Google Play

How to cancel Themify subscription using PayPal?

  • To get started, visit and sign in to your PayPal account.
  • Next, locate the settings tab, located next to the logout option.
  • In the Automatic Payments dashboard, navigate to the menu and click on “Payments” followed by “Manage Automatic Payments“.
Manage automatic payments PayPal
  • You will find a list of merchant agreements with whom you have previously conducted business. Click on “Themify: icon themes and widgets” to stop the payments.
  • A confirmation page will appear. Confirm your decision to stop sending money to Themify: icon themes & widgets by clicking on the “Cancel Automatic Payments” option.
How to cancel paypal subscriptipons
  • Finally, on the email address confirmation page, click on “Done” to complete the unsubscribing process.

What Are the Major Reasons to Get Rid of Themify?

There are a lot of important reasons why you might want to remove Themify, and I’m going to go over some of the most important ones in this part.

  • Poor Performance: Poor performance is a common complaint of Themify themes. Many Themify theme criticisms focus on slow page loads and high server usage. This could affect the site’s usability and functionality.
  • Compatibility issues: Themify themes may have compatibility issues with some plugins and older versions of WordPress. Your site’s functioning may become severely impaired or perhaps break altogether as a result of this.
  • Expensive Pricing options: Premium themes and plugins from Themify can be purchased for a fee, but they can add up quickly. This may seem like a lot to spend for new businesses or individuals.
  • Limited Customize options: While Themify themes are modifiable, they lack the versatility of other WordPress themes. There might not be many possibilities for personalization, and you might need some coding or development skills to make substantial modifications.
  • Security problems: You might think that Is Themify Safe? Themify themes and plugins may have vulnerabilities that might be used by hackers, just like any other piece of software.
  • Customer support is not good: Poor customer service is an area where Themify has been called into question. There is a risk that users will not obtain helpful responses from their support staff or that their issues will not be resolved to their satisfaction.

Final Thought On How To Delete Themify Icons?

I believe that I have covered everything there is to know about how to get rid of the Themify icons up there.

Keep in mind that if your website relies on Themify icons to showcase specific design features, removing the icons could have a negative impact on the site’s aesthetic.

Therefore, when you have removed the symbols from your website, you should execute extensive testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete my theme from Themify?

You can delete or rename the active theme by going to the themes folder (wp-content > themes) and doing so.

How do I delete a widget from Themify?

You can delete a widget by dragging it all the way back to the left panel (Available Widgets panel). If you want to be able to use the widget set in the future, move it to the panel for inactive widgets instead of the panel for available widgets. It will keep the widget settings that you have chosen.

How do I get rid of custom icons on my iPhone?

If you press and hold an app icon on your iPhone until it wiggles, you can delete it. Next, to uninstall the app, simply hit the “x” in the app’s upper left corner. To delete additional custom icons, simply repeat the steps above.

How do I delete extra themes?

To delete extra WordPress themes, go to the Appearance menu in the dashboard, select Themes, and then hover on the theme in question to reveal a “Delete” button. It’s also possible to remove WordPress’s theme folder via an FTP client.

How do I use icons in Themify?

You can either click on the icons you wish to use or employ a click-&-drag action to choose multiple icons simultaneously. You have the freedom to pick any icon from any of the available fonts. Once you’ve made your selections, proceed by clicking the red “Download webfont” button situated in the upper-right corner.

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