8 Best AI Story Generator Tools For Creative Writers 2024

Best AI Story Generator

Are you struggling to develop compelling characters, brainstorm plot twists, or find the right words to convey your ideas?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

In this article, I will discuss the top 8 best AI story generators, their pros, cons, and pricing plans.

Every writer has faced this at least once in their creative journeys.

Let us get straight into it.

What are the Best AI Story Generators of 2024?

According to my research, these are the best AI writing tools for fiction and non-fiction writers chosen for features that might be useful for people with different needs and writing styles.

1. SudoWrite

SudoWrite is an AI-powered writing tool that generates plot outlines, develops characters, and provides writing prompts.

Sudowrite Story Generator

You can write stories with AI about given topics with Chatgpt-driven prompts, and its intuitive interface and customization options make it a popular choice for writers.

Pros of SudoWrite:

  1. Wide Range of Features: SudoWrite offers many features, including plot generation, character development, and creative writing prompts, making it a versatile tool for writers of all genres.
  2. User-Firendly Interface: SudoWrite has an intuitive and clean interface and is accessible for all to use. 
  3. Total length story generation: SudoWrite’s AI algorithms generate high-quality, compelling stories from your characters, tone, and plot arcs. With its Expand feature, you can also increase the number of words generated in a sentence or paragraph. 
  4. Rewrites and Thesaurus: With these features, you can change specific words or whole sentences as often as you want until you get it perfect. 
  5. Distraction-free modes and organization facilities are also available. 
  6. Has a Chrome extension as well. 
  7. Has a 7-day free trial.

Cons of SudoWrite:

  1. Limited Free Version
  2. Learning Curve for Advanced Features: While the platform’s interface is user-friendly overall, mastering its more advanced features, such as AI customization settings, may require some time and experimentation.
  3. Limited integrations and extensions compared to competitors. 

Pricing Plans:

The starter Plan is $19/month, the Pro Plan is $29/month, and The Max Plan is $59/month. With annual billing for any of these plans, you save about 50%.

2. Jasper AI

If you are looking for the best AI story writers, you will stumble across Jasper AI. This tool will help you generate story ideas and plot outlines.

Jasper AI home page

It will also brainstorm ideas and refine dialogue. With Jasper, AI adapts to user preferences, offering tailored suggestions to enhance the writing process and remove writer’s block if you are stuck.

Pros of Jasper AI:

  1. Writing Templates: Jasper has a gallery of story templates that you can choose from to help make a general story outline. 
  2. Jasper AI has built-in grammar and SEO boosts
  3. Diverse Content Generation: Jasper AI offers various content generation capabilities, including plot outlines, character development, dialogue prompts, and more. This versatility caters to the needs of both fiction and non-fiction writers, providing valuable assistance across various genres and writing styles.
  4. User-Friendly Interface with minimal distractions: With its intuitive interface, Jasper AI makes writing accessible to writers of all skill levels. Its clean interface lets you focus on what’s important. 
  5. Jaspers AI co-pilot lets you set your brand voice and style guide if you own a company. This feature can also be helpful for content writers. 
  6. Has features like rewrites, rewrites, and plagiarism checkers
  7. Jasper AI also has a Chrome extension
  8. Has a 7-day free trial.

Cons of Jasper AI:

  1. Limited Free version 
  2. Expensive option compared to competitors.
  3. Limited compatibility with different platforms. 

Pricing Plans:

The Creator Plan is $49/month, and the Pro Plan is $69/month. You save up to 20% if you have annual billing.

3. Copy AI

Copy AI is a popular tool with many features catering to fiction and non-fiction writers.

Copy-ai home page

From generating captivating story arcs to crafting persuasive marketing copy, Copy AI empowers users to unleash their creativity while streamlining the writing process.

Pros of Copy AI:

  1. Versatility: Copy AI offers various functionalities, making it suitable for writing tasks, including content creation, marketing copywriting, and creative storytelling.
  2.  Copy AI helps writers save time and effort by automating the writing process powered by AI.
  3. Customization options: Copy AI offers customizable settings and parameters, allowing writers to tailor the output to suit their preferences, style, and tone, ensuring consistency with their brand or voice.
  4. Has an AI prompt generator that generates creative writing prompts and inspiration for writers. 
  5. Creates compelling story outlines and has paragraph generators and paraphraser tools
  6. It has over 1000 integrations via a Chrome extension.
  7. Has a free version

Cons of Copy AI:

In my experience, Copy AI excels as a sales manager. However, its creative writing may need more human creativity’s spontaneity, imagination, and depth, resulting in generic outputs.

Pricing Plans:

There is a free version, a Pro Plan at $49/month, and a Team Plan at $89/month.

4. NovelAI

True to its name, NovelAI specializes in generating novel-length manuscripts, providing writers with many story prompts, character profiles, and plot twists to make the writing process faster and easier.


Pros of NovelAI:

  1. NovelAI’s story prompts cover various genres and themes. You can also draw inspiration and themes from the already published works of famous writers in NovelAI
  2. Character Development Tools: The platform assists writers in making characters with detailed profiles, including backgrounds, motivations, and personality traits. With NovelAI, you can develop characters and dialogue with AI with ease. 
  3. Plot Generation Assistance: NovelAI’s AI algorithms excel in generating intricate plot outlines and story arcs, helping writers navigate the complexities of storytelling and maintain coherence throughout their manuscripts.
  4. Customizable Settings: Users can customize their writing experience by adjusting tone, pacing, and narrative style. Writers can also make changes to the suggestions given by Novel AI. 
  5. It can generate Novel-Length Manuscripts.
  6. Has AI-powered image generation. 
  7. Has a theme editor for font color style preferences.
  8. It has a free trial for up to 100 texts. 
  9. Cheaper alternative. 

Cons of NovelAI:

This app is good for horror, fantasy, or history novel writers. The only downside is the limited compatibility with other tools; otherwise, it’s worth a try.

Pricing Plans:

Free Paper Plan, Tablet Plan at $10/month, Scroll Plan at $15/month, and Opus Plan at $25/month.

5. Writesonic

Writesonic website

Writesonic makes its way into the list of the best AI story generators with its user-friendly interface and extensive library of writing templates, making it an ideal choice for writers seeking inspiration across various genres and formats.

Whether crafting short stories, blog posts, or marketing content, Writesonic offers valuable assistance to all writers.

Pros of Writesonic:

  1. It has a library of writing templates for writers.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The platform boasts an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, making it accessible to writers of all skill levels.
  3. Customizable Output: Users can customize the output generated by Writesonic to align with their specific writing goals, whether crafting blog posts, marketing content, or creative narratives.
  4. Supports story generator in 15+ Languages.
  5. Integration with other tools like web browsers and Zapier. 
  6. Has rewriter tools and an AI photo generator (Imagesonic).
  7. Has a free version. 

Cons of Writesonic:

  1. Limited free version.
  2. Lack of details in scene and theme customization. 

Pricing Plans:

For freelancers, it is $20/month; for small teams, it is $19/month; and for enterprises above $500.

6. Rytr

Rytr is known to have the best dialogue prompts.

Rytr Home Page

It helps generate engaging dialogue, making it an invaluable resource for writers striving to create authentic character interactions and meaningful exchanges.

Pros of Rytr:

  1. Rytr excels in engaging Dialogue Generation with the help of AI.
  2. Rytr also has a built-in plagiarism checker. 
  3. Generates multiple versions of a story for you to choose from.
  4. It has a story plot enhancer that can help you create an outline to focus on other aspects of your storytelling, accelerating the writing process. 5. It has multilingual support
  5. Has a Chrome extension.
  6. Has a free version

Cons of Rytr:

  1. The free version has limited features. 
  2. Has limited features when compared to other competitors like Jasper or SudoWrite. 

Pricing Plans:

Free version: Saver Plam at $9/month and Unlimited Plan at $29/month.

7. InferKit

InferKit is one of the best AI story generators that can cater to various creative writing needs, from plot generation to character development.

It can be used and offers both types of interfaces as well.

Pros of InferKit:

  1. Has both an easy-to-use interface and a web developer interface.
  2. No learning curve
  3. You can generate text and control its length and keywords
  4. Has a free version.

Cons of InferKit:

  1. Limited creative control compared to other tools. 
  2. No story plot or theme controls as well. 

Pricing Plans:

Free version: Basic Plan at $20/month; Premium Plan at $60/month.

8. StoryLab

StoryLab is another content generator that makes it into the list of suitable AI story generators because of its interactive interface and ability to generate titles, outlines, and stories based on your preferences.

Pros of StoryLab:

  1. It has extensive features, including marketing sales copywriting, email generators, title generators, paraphrases, and story outline generators that all kinds of writers can use.
  2. It has a simple, intuitive interface
  3. It has an AI image generator
  4. It has a free version

Cons of StoryLab:

  1. It does not have customizable themes or extensive writing capability like NovelAI.
  2. It also does not have organization features like Jasper and Sudowrite.
  3. Limited compatibility with other tools
  4. Cheaper alternative

Pricing Plans:

Free Plan, Pro Plan at $15/month; Unlimited Plan at $19/month

How to Choose the Best AI Story Generator?

If you ask me when selecting the AI story generator, here are some things I want you to consider:

  1. Features and functionality: Find tools that give you the features and functionalities you need rather than mindlessly going in for the favorites. Each tool has specific quirks that could be beneficial to you.
  2. Browse Free vs. paid AI story generator options to see what fits your budget and expectations. While some free software can provide what you are looking for, in most cases, you have to subscribe to paid plans for advanced features.
  3. You should also consider the ethical considerations of AI-generated writing and ensure that the tool upholds the moral standards of your work.
  4. Platform Compatibility: Check the tool’s compatibility with your preferred devices and operating systems to ensure a seamless user experience.
  5. Community and Support: Consider the availability of community forums, tutorials, and customer support resources to aid you in maximizing the tool’s potential.

With that, I have come to the end of this article.


Choosing the right tool can make or break your writing experience, so you must make an informed choice because it is an investment of a lifetime of ease of working with the Best AI story Generators.

With this detailed article on the best AI story generators, you can find the best tool and try them for free if you still have to decide.

Until next time,Happy Writing!

FAQs on Best AI For Story-Writing

Which is the best story-writing app?

There are many AI story generators like Jasper AI, SudoWrite, NovelAI, CopyAI, and InferKit that you can try out to choose the best story-writing app for your needs.

Which is the best free AI writing app?

There are many AI story-writing apps available to choose from. Some of the free software are WriteSonic, Rytr, StoryLab, etc. You can also try apps like Jasper AI and Sudowwriyre in a 7-day free trial.

What is an AI story generator?

An AI story generator is an AI-powered tool to enhance writers’ creative writing process by assisting with voice prompts, story outlining, theme adjustments, and the creation of characters and story arcs.

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