Why Doesn’t Grammarly Work On Google Slides?

why grammarly doesn't work on slides

Grammarly is a widely embraced tool employed by countless individuals to enhance their written communication skills and fix any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.

However, it may come as a surprise to discover that Grammarly does not directly integrate with Google Slides—a cloud-based presentation platform developed by Google.

why grammarly doesn't work on slides

Why Doesn’t Grammarly Work On Google Slides?

Grammarly is a widely recognized online application used for grammar and plagiarism checks.

However, it is important to note that Google Slides does not support the installation of third-party browser plugins, which means Grammarly cannot be directly used within Google Slides.

This limitation implies that users of Google Slides won’t have access to Grammarly’s built-in features for spell and grammar checking or receiving suggestions for alternative expressions of ideas.

However, there are alternative approaches to ensure error-free presentations in Google Slides.

One option is to check the content in a separate document using Grammarly and then simply copy and paste it into Google Slides.

This is just one example among many others. Users can also explore specialized software or tools specifically designed to enhance and edit presentations.

Despite not being an official add-on for Google Slides, Grammarly can still be employed by users to maintain high-quality presentations.

You may read our article on Grammarly review, in which I have done a comprehensive analysis of Grammarly & its features.

Final Thoughts

Grammarly, a widely popular grammar-checking tool, does not function on Google Slides.

Unlike platforms such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Google Slides lacks the necessary integration that Grammarly requires to analyze and offer suggestions for written content.

Therefore, individuals who wish to enhance their grammar and writing quality in Google Slides must resort to alternative methods, such as manually proofreading their text or using other grammar-checking tools that are compatible with the platform.

While Grammarly remains an excellent resource for many applications, its absence from Google Slides represents a significant drawback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grammarly work in Google Slides?

With the Tray Platform’s strong Google Slides and Grammarly connections, which can link to any service without the need for extra integration tools, integrating Google Slides and Grammarly has never been easier.

Why isn’t Grammarly working on Google Docs?

If you can’t see the underlines in Google Docs’ Editing mode, make sure you’re using the latest version of the extension. Google Chrome should be opened. Type Chrome: extensions into Chrome. Choose that option from the menu to get rid of Grammarly for Chrome.

How do you turn on edit mode in Google Slides?

To modify the master slide, navigate to Slide > Edit Master. During the presentation, there will be an opportunity to make adjustments in the master template editor. It is important to select the master slide at the beginning; otherwise, one of the predefined templates will be applied instead. Make the necessary modifications on the master slide as required.

Why don’t I have Edit Master on Google Slides?

The “Edit Master” button is now called “Theme Builder,” which you can find in the “View” menu. You would click on View and then on Theme Builder. I hope this is useful!

Where is Google slide edit master?

To access the master slides in Google Slides, simply navigate to Slide > Modify master. This will bring up the familiar arrangement of master slides that you were previously working with. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find an index or listing of the available master slides.

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