How To Get Rid Of Grammarly Comments On Word?


Grammarly is a well-known online tool that helps writers find and fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes in their writing.

Before going further, you may read our article Grammarly review, In which you will get an in-depth review of Grammarly.

It gives users an add-in for Microsoft Word that makes it easy to use Grammarly in their Word papers.

Even though this is a useful tool, some people might find Grammarly’s comments annoying or unnecessary.

This article will show you How To Get Rid Of Grammarly Comments On Word so you can write faster.

How To Get Rid Of Grammarly Comments On Word

How To Get Rid Of Grammarly Comments On Word?

The only way to get rid of tracked changes and comments is to accept or reject the changes and delete the comments:

Let’s get into this!

Step 1. Select Reviewing from the list of available toolbars under View

Step 2. Click Show on the Reviewing toolbar and make sure each of the following things has a checkmark next to it:

  • Comments
  • Ink Annotations (Word 2003 only)
  • Insertions and Deletions
  • Formatting
  • Reviewers

Step 3. Click Next on the Reviewing menu to move on from one change or comment to the next

Step 4. For each change or comment, on the Reviewing menu, click Accept Change, Reject Change, or Delete Comment.

Step 5. As someone who works with a variety of documents, I agree that the “old style” revision display in Microsoft Word for Mac is preferable.

Step 6. It was simple and intuitive to draw a red line through a word to indicate deletion and a blue line to indicate addition.

Step 7. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the changes in the document have been accepted or refused and all the comments have been removed.

To accept all of the changes made to the document, click the button next to Accept Change and choose to Accept All Changes in Document.

If, on the other hand, you want to reject all changes, click on the button next to Reject Change/Delete Comment and choose to Reject All Changes in Document.

To delete all comments, click on the button next to Reject Change/Delete Comment and choose to Delete All Comments in Document. All comments will be taken off the paper.

However, because this is a Microsoft product, it should come as no surprise that you may edit and adapt it to your liking rather than being stuck with the newest, fancy way to display revisions and tweaks to your text.

To begin, here’s how the newer, more current revision tracking appears in Microsoft Word for Mac:

  1. To modify it, go to the “Word” menu and select “Preferences.
  2. When you open it, you’ll see all kinds of gorgeous little icons, including the one we’re looking for.
  3. Click on “Track Changes,” then scroll down to find a section named “Balloons.
  4. Simply uncheck these two items, click “OK,” and your changes will be in the classic style.

Why Get Rid Of Grammarly Comments On Word?

There could be a number of reasons why you want to turn off Grammarly’s suggestions in Word. Some of the possible reasons for this are as follows:

  • Some Grammarly users might find the suggestions annoying or distracting when they’re trying to finish a project. If you take out the comments, the material might be easier to read and use.
  • Working with others: Some people may not have access to Grammarly or may not want to read the comments if you use it while working on a document with them. If the comments are taken out, the document can be shared and worked on by more than one person at the same time.
  • Depending on the type and layout of the document, Grammarly comments may get in the way of how it looks. A quick way to make the paper look better is to get rid of the comments.
  • Some Grammarly users may want to get rid of the comments on their paper after they’ve looked over and fixed the mistakes that Grammarly pointed out. This helps make a clean, error-free manuscript by getting rid of any unnecessary comments.

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Frequently Asked Question

How do I remove Grammarly comments from a Word document?

It’s worth noting that you can undo certain edits by right-clicking on them and choosing the appropriate choices (Reject Insertion/Del or Delete Comment).

How do I turn off Grammarly suggestions?

To disable a certain set of suggestions, open your browser and navigate to By selecting this option, the group will be deactivated across all of your Grammarly products. 

How do I get rid of Editing marks in Word?

Formatting can be toggled on and off.
Choose File > Help > Options > Show from the menu.
Choose the checkboxes next to each formatting mark that you wish to always show up on the screen, regardless of whether the Show/Hide. the button is on or not, under Always show these formatting markings on the screen.

Why do the comments keep appearing on Word?

When you open a document with markup in Word, comments and another markup will be displayed. If you select the “All Markup” mode, certain features, such as the Show Notes button, will be unavailable. If it helps, you can decide where and how markup is displayed.

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