Grammarly vs Wordrake: Which Tool Is Better In 2024?

Grammarly Vs Wordrake

The use of a spell and grammar checker is rapidly becoming standard practice for every serious writer. As an Author and full-time writer, I use them frequently.

Grammarly& Wordrakeare two widely used proofreading and editing apps. However, which one offers the most cutting-edge credentials?

In this article, I will compare Grammarly vs Wordrake & analyze the similarities and differences between the two editing tools, including their features, accuracy, cost, and many others.

So, let’s get started.

Grammarly Vs Wordrake: Main differences

WordRake & Grammarly are two of the best-known apps that can help writers like you and me.

Even though Grammarly and WordRake both want to improve the quality of your work, they do so in very different ways.

Although these apps share a common goal, they achieve it through divergent means.

  • Integration: Regarding integration, Grammarly is compatible with various software applications, such as web browsers, word processing tools, and more, allowing users to access its features from any device. Conversely, WordRake is a Microsoft Word plug-in, that provides exclusive access to users of this word-processing software.
  • User Interface: In terms of the user interface, Grammarly presents an uncomplicated and clear layout, which accommodates users with varying degrees of English proficiency. WordRake is also user-friendly, providing track changes that reveal suggested edits, enabling users to decide whether to accept or reject them.
  • Functionality: Functionality is a crucial aspect in which these applications differ. Grammarly offers an array of features, including spellcheckers, grammar checkers, punctuation correction, style recommendations, vocabulary enhancements, sentence structure evaluations, and tone analysis. On the other hand, WordRake specializes in sentence structure, offering suggestions for removing extraneous phrases and words.
  • Pricing: The pricing structure for these two applications is also vastly different. The premium version of Grammarly costs $30 per month, providing users with advanced grammar and vocabulary-checking features. In contrast, WordRake charges $17 per month for membership.

It is completely the writer’s decision which grammar checker is best for them.

By using the strengths of either application, writers can improve the quality of their work and enhance their writing skills.

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly, an online writing tool, is widely used by individuals to improve their writing skills regardless of their expertise in writing.

Grammarly-home page

This AI-powered application serves as an editor, capable of detecting and correcting any errors in the user’s text, such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

It can be accessed on any device through a web app or a browser plugin.

Grammarly’s features contain diverse capabilities, such as verifying correct grammar usage, contextual spelling accuracy, and proper punctuation.

Moreover, Grammarly assesses the composition’s tone, style, and clarity to guarantee that it is easily understandable and fascinating to the intended audience.

Various types of accounts are offered by Grammarly, including free, premium, and business accounts.

Although the free version lacks the full range of features available in the paid version, it is an excellent starting point for those seeking to enhance their writing skills.

I have been using Grammarly for many years as a content writer, according to my own experience.

Grammarly provides premium versions of additional services like word suggestions, genre-specific writing style checks, and a plagiarism checker, which help in producing high-quality writing that appeals to the reader.

If you would like to know more about Grammarly, read my articleGrammarly review.

Grammarly Key Features

  • Spell check
  • Writing style suggestions
  • Grammar and punctuation checker
  • Plagiarism detection

Grammarly Pros & Cons

Real-time grammar fixingLimited free version
Simple explanations
Excellent customization option
Easy-to-use interface
Free trial

How Does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that scrutinizes text for grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, and style.

This tool is available as a browser extension, desktop application, or online tool. It can be integrated with a variety of platforms such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and social media sites.

Grammarly functions by analyzing your text in real time and providing feedback as you write.

It identifies errors, suggests corrections, and explains why certain changes are recommended.

Additionally, the tool can detect plagiarism by cross-referencing your text against billions of web pages and academic reports.

What Is Wordrake?

WordRakeis an AI Writing software program that can help you write more clearly and concisely.

WordRake Website

As an adjunct to Word and Outlook, it conducts a comprehensive examination of written content, scrutinizing for factors such as redundancy, superfluous language, and other elements that could potentially compromise its quality.

This software offers constructive suggestions for condensing and enhancing the clarity of text, with the objective of ensuring that the writer’s message is conveyed lucidly and without resorting to jargon or unnecessary verbiage.

Its primary purpose is to streamline the communication process, rendering it more direct and coherent.

WordRake Key Features

  • Unnecessary Words & Phrases Detection
  • Instant Editing
  • Accept & Reject Changes Function
  • Document Analysis

Wordrake Pros & Cons

Provides accurate writing advice for allNo real-time grammar check
100% secure
Recommended by a professional writer
30-day free trial
excellent customer support

How Does Wordrake Work?

Wordrake is a user-friendly program, but it necessitates the prior installation of Microsoft Word and Outlook plugins.

Upon completion of this, Wordrake can be accessed by clicking its name on the menu bar.

In order to proofread the entire text, you must first highlight it by selecting “Select All”.

The “Rake” button beside it should then be clicked, whereupon Wordrake will expeditiously suggest necessary sentence corrections. Each suggestion must be reviewed individually, however.

To accept Wordrake’s suggestion, click “Accept and Go to Next”, but if you prefer to retain your version, click “Reject and Go to Next”.

The “Accept” and “Reject” buttons can also be used to remain on the current suggestion. In addition, the “Reject All” button can be clicked to reject all requests.

Grammarly Vs Wordrake In-Depth Comparison

Lets see how Wordrake stacks up against Grammarly, the industry standard for online grammar checkers.

  1. Accuracy
  2. Platform Availability
  3. Pricing
  4. Additional Features
  5. Privacy

1. Accuracy

Wordrake and Grammarly both have their specific strengths when it comes to accuracy.

Grammarly is the app that will make youre writing the most correct it can be by checking it for grammatical errors, therefore if thats your question, the answer is Grammarly.

Grammarly accuracy

You may improve correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery by using the numerous editing options that are available on our online editor.

Meanwhile, Wordrake focuses on clarity. It will fix sentence structure and shorten phrases. Instead of more than 350, use above 350.

Grammarly Premiums clarity category alone is more accurate than Wordrake. Wordrake wont offer full-sentence rewrites or paragraph lists. It guarantees that your writing will sound more compelling.

2. Platform Availability

Grammarlys success stems from its device and platform compatibility. If you dont want to download Grammarly Editor, use the website. Copy-paste or upload your work.

You can download the desktop program for Windows and Mac to repair text in different apps.

Theres now a Grammarly Keyboard for mobile users who desire excellent grammar in text messages, emails, and social media postings.

Grammarly is a browser software for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

It obtains real-time edits on Google Docs, social networking, Gmail, and other websites as you type.

A similar feature is available on the premium Word and Outlook plugins. Grammarly displays your errors while you type, so you may accept or ignore them.

Wordrake is only available on Word and Outlook. You wont have real-time corrections while typing on the word processor.

3. Pricing

Grammarly is expensive, as is Wordrake, butGrammarly has a free version that checks spelling and grammar for simple mistakes. Grammarlys Premium plans are only $10 more than Wordrakes. And there are several ways for all users to pay.

Grammarly Pricing options

Grammarly Business pricing varies on the number of users. But it costs $180 per year and accommodates 3-9 users.

If you would like to know more about its pricing, check out our article on Grammarly pricing.

Wordrake offers Wordrake for Word for $129 yearly or $259 every three years. Its Word and Outlook edition costs $199 per year and $399 every three years.

WordRake Pricing Options

These payment options may be heavy for authors on a budget, especially students. But thats because Wordrake caters to professional writers.

This also explains why the software makes all documents sound formal.

Both programs dont contain unsubscribing or hidden costs. All their pricing is transparent and final till checkout.

Grammarly has the best cost for its many payment plans. Even though the yearly plan is more expensive, you get double the benefits.

Here is our article on why is Grammarly so expensive, I hope you will find the right answer.

4. Additional Features

In addition to spelling and grammar, Grammarly Premium checks for plagiarism. I feel its the best plagiarism checker.

Grammarly Features

It searches billions of sites and publications for duplicate content checkers. This may be crucial for academic authors and students.

Grammarly offers professional editing for Premium subscribers. You can submit your work to a human editor to fix and evaluate it. Then theyll return your work after 24 hours.

If you subscribe to Grammarly Business, you can get snippets, a brand style guide, and an advanced dashboard. Keep a library of company jargon to ensure consistent wording in emails, blogs, etc.

The Wordrake app is limited. Its hidden features in a blog post are disappointing. You can undo or redo edits, like with any grammar checker. Use Words undo and redo buttons or Control + Z.

Read this guide to learn how to undo on Grammarly.

You can also skip modifying quotes. Wordrake ignores built-in Word quote styles, including Quote, Quote Char, Intense Quote, Block Quote, etc. Thats Wordrakes customizability.

Last, Wordrake makes it easy to use MS Words spelling and grammar checker. The Wordrake ribbon has Microsofts spelling and grammatical capabilities. Theres no need to click Review and Spelling and Grammar.

5. Privacy

Grammarly procures data from users, which comprises text input, cookies, and usage information, with the purpose of refining its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

In accordance with Grammarly’s privacy policy, it asserts that it does not trade or bestow user data to others and undertakes measures to safeguard the confidentiality of user information.

As per the privacy policy mentioned above, users can explicitly request the disclosure of their information.

WordRake, however, affirms that it does not reserve any user information on its servers, nor does it obtain an ample amount of information pertaining to its users.

It is situated on the user’s computer and abstains from sending any information to WordRake’s servers.

This renders it improbable for any person to purloin the user’s information, thereby granting the individual an augmented degree of control over their information.

Grammarly Vs Wordrake: Which Is More Secure?

Certainly! But I want to make sure you know that both Grammarly and Wordrake are software programs that help you write better by finding and fixing grammar and spelling mistakes and suggesting better words.

Because of this, there are no safety features or fears built in. But Grammarly and Wordrake both have ways to keep their users’ information secret.

Both Grammarly and Wordrake put user privacy first and do what they can to keep user data safe.

SSL/TLS encryption protects user information while it is being sent and stored. Also, Grammarly says that they do not share details about their users with outside groups.

In the same way, Wordrake protects user information with things like encryption and access limits.

According to their privacy policy, Wordrake does not sell or share user data with third parties without the user’s permission.

In general, it seems like both Grammarly and Wordrake care about the safety of their users’ information and have taken the right steps to protect it.

Because of this, it looks like both tools are just as safe.

If you want to explore more alternatives to Grammarly, then you can read our article on it.

Final Thoughts On Grammarly vs Wordrake

Overall,Grammarlyis a far better option for full proofreading. It will fix your spelling, grammatical, and style issues on almost every platform.

Wordrakeis good if youre using Word or Outlook and want your writing to be clear and concise. Otherwise, it would be best if you looked into other options for writing software.

So, which one would you like to try first?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Word checker that is better than Grammarly?

ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger are the best alternatives to Grammarly for people who use it a lot. People who need to translate and check their work in different languages should use either LanguageTool or Reverso.

Is WordRake free?

No, but you can get started with WordRake today by downloading a 7-day free trial version.

Why is Grammarly so expensive?

Grammarly is an innovative piece of artificial intelligence (AI) technology that helps writers with many tips and tools. It has a lot of different features, learns natural language through machine learning, and makes very clear speech. Because of this, it costs more than other grammar checkers on the market.

Do professionals use Grammarly?

Yes, they do. Many skilled individuals find Grammarly to be a valuable tool in bolstering their writing prowess and instilling them with unwavering assurance. Grammarly, a renowned application for scrutinizing spelling, grammar, and originality, serves as an indispensable aid for swiftly detecting and rectifying mistakes across various platforms. Its omnipresence and widespread adoption by countless writers serve as a testament to its reliability and efficacy.

Is Grammarly 100% accurate?

Indeed, Grammarly proves to be a reliable tool when it comes to addressing fundamental concerns in spelling and grammar. What sets it apart from other writing applications is its remarkable accuracy in providing suggestions. Not only does it excel in rectifying passive voice, diction, writing style, and comma placement, but its recommendations surpass those offered by alternative platforms.

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