Grammarly For Edge: A Complete Guide To Installation


Every day, I use Grammarly. Earlier, I couldn’t use Edge because it didn’t support the service.

Even though Grammarly was already available on other browsers like Safari and Chrome, I found that I couldn’t write almost anything without those platforms.

So, if you’ve been waiting calmly for it to come out, Here in this Grammarly for Edge article, I will talk about how to install Grammarly on Microsoft Edge, how it works, and more.

grammarly for edge

How Does Grammarly Work With Edge?

Grammarly is an incredibly robust writing assistant tool designed to improve your writing skills.

What sets it apart is its seamless integration with the Microsoft Edge browser, which guarantees a smooth and efficient writing experience.

Once Grammarly is installed and activated in Edge, it automatically scans your text for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, as well as issues with clarity, conciseness, and style.

When you start typing in a text field or composing an email, Grammarly’s advanced algorithms instantly analyze your words.

It cleverly underlines any mistakes or areas that could be enhanced, offering suggestions and corrections directly within the text.

This feature allows you to promptly address errors and enhance the overall quality of your writing.

Grammarly in Edge goes beyond basic grammar checks. It offers detailed explanations and suggestions for each error it detects.

By simply clicking on a highlighted word or phrase, you can access a convenient pop-up window that provides alternative word choices, grammar explanations, and helpful writing style tips.

Moreover, Grammarly provides insights into sentence structure, word usage, clarity, and tone, expanding its assistance beyond grammar and spelling.

It ensures consistency in your writing and guides you toward using more effective vocabulary and sentence structures.

Thanks to its integration into Microsoft Edge, Grammarly eliminates the need for external applications or plugins.

It offers comprehensive writing assistance directly within the browser, allowing you to communicate more effectively and confidently.

With Grammarly, your writing becomes clearer, more professional, and more engaging.

How To Install Grammarly On Edge?

Here, I have mentioned a step-by-step guide to installing Grammarly on Microsoft Edge:

Step 1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.

Grammarly on Microsoft edge

Step 2. You can search for Grammarly by going to the page for the Microsoft Edge Addons.

Step 3. When you get to the “Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App” page, you can easily add the Grammarly app to Microsoft Edge by clicking the Get button and then clicking Add app.

Reasons To Get Grammarly For Microsoft Edge

  1. Grammar checker
  2. Contextual spelling checker
  3. Trusted by millions
  4. Grammarly Premium

Grammar checker

Grammarly possesses the remarkable ability to rectify a myriad of issues by virtue of its extensive capacity to tackle an array of intricate grammatical errors.

These encompass subject-verb agreement, the utilization of articles, and the positioning of modifiers, among numerous others.

Contextual spelling checker

With Grammarly, you don’t have to worry about using homophones like “lose” and “loose,” “affect” and “effect,” “lie” and “lay,” “there” and “they’re” and “they’re,” and other words that are often mistaken for each other. It also catches correctly written words that are used in the wrong context.

Trusted by millions

Grammarly is a trusted companion for a diverse group of individuals, encompassing students, writers, professionals, bloggers, and those who simply desire to enhance their writing abilities.

Its remarkable feature lies in its capacity to conform to your specific requirements and unique writing style.

By diligently ensuring that you steer clear of any errors, Grammarly instills a sense of confidence within you each time you embark on a writing endeavor.

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium is the solution if you want to kickstart your writing performance and ensure that no errors slip through the cracks in your work.

Here are the advantages of having Grammarly premium:

  • Check for more than a hundred other kinds of mistakes
  • Get vocabulary enhancement ideas
  • Find plagiarized work and get ideas for citations
  • Find out how to write in different ways, such as academic, technical, and creative

Conclusion: Grammarly For Edge

In conclusion, Grammarly for Edge proves itself to be a valuable tool that can help improve your writing skills and produce better work.

It offers a comprehensive collection of features, such as quick checks for spelling and grammar, along with detailed suggestions on refining the tone, style, and overall quality of your writing.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your writing abilities for personal or professional reasons, Grammarly for Edge is an excellent option.

It’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration with the Edge browser make it a highly convenient choice.

By using Grammarly alongside Microsoft Edge, you can ensure that your writing is clear and easily understood by eliminating language and spelling errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grammarly for Microsoft Edge free?

To access Grammarly on Microsoft Edge, you’ll need to create a free account on Grammarly’s website. Once you’ve done that, head over to the Windows Store and search for Grammarly. Wondering if Grammarly is compatible with all browsers? Absolutely! You can find Grammarly extensions for popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. These extensions work seamlessly across different platforms, allowing you to review your writing whenever you’re publishing content online. Just keep in mind that if you’re using Grammarly on Windows or Mac, the browser extension will be disabled. However, you can still enjoy the full functionality of Grammarly when using Google Docs.

Does Grammarly work on all browsers?

There are Grammarly extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. The add-on is compatible with widely-used platforms and may be used to examine your writing whenever you post content online. Please be aware that if you use Grammarly for Windows or Mac, the browser extension will be disabled, but Google Docs will continue to use the full functionality of Grammarly.

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